Saturday, September 13, 2008

a hot number and I'm lovin' it.

My mom came this morning to spend the day with our 4underfeet while Mr. Marvelous and I tended to some business.

She's so great like that!

Ever since Julia was born, she has come on Mondays to play, sometimes clean, and stay while I run errands. Boy has her grandmother role changed slightly since then--3 years and 3 children later. And, I know that long days like these aren't always a piece of cake. (Goodness, it's a challenge for me sometimes and I'm nearly a pro. Joke people, definitely joking!) But, my mom always greets us with a smile and fun stories from the day when we return.

We left a smidge before 9am and walked back through the door a bit before 7pm. And, if you followed my twitter updates you know Mr. Marvelous and I headed into the city to our season ticket seats to cheer on our State Football team today. Here are some things I found myself lovin' about today:

  • A peaceful car ride with great conversation.
  • A sausage and egg mckmuffin AND a sausage burrito AND a pulpy OJ AND a hashbrown (gosh, I must have been hungry.)
  • A train ride into downtown.
  • Sitting next to my little brother who met us for the game. (His wife (in glasses) is gone on an All-Girls Whitewater Rafting trip near the East Coast.)
  • Singing Sweet Caroline with 50,000 other off key fans.
  • Occasionally sneaking peaks at the adorable elderly couple sitting near us.
  • Watching touchdown after touchdown completed by our team, followed by a victory.
  • Running in the rain holding Mr. Marvelous' hand.
  • F.i.n.a.l.l.y finding a vanity/sink/faucets for our downstairs bathroom. Ugh!
  • A concrete raspberry mixer. Mmm!
  • Tiptoeing up on the children, who were quietly playing when we returned home, and surprising them.
  • And of course, staring at this hot number all day...

What have you found yourself lovin' lately?


Kristen said...

Glad to hear that you got some time to yourselves today! We hired a babysitter to go for a Harley ride to Sedona. It was beautiful, and hanging on to my main man wasn't so bad either. :)

Happy Weekend!

l e a h said...

I've been lovin' our back deck, 70-foot coniferous trees, a bowl full of concord grapes, and that stuff that's in a bowl on my kitchen island.

It was fun following your updates today!!

Cute pic of you and the marvelous one.

Cheers, pretty lady!

Lisa H said...

What a fun day!

I've been lovin' the rain and watching my kids play in it, and this morning I'm lovin' the sunshine! :)

Tana said...

I'm lovin: my sweet multitasking mother who thinks of everything, my lovely husband who suprized me with breakfast, sweet basil in my window sill, fresh strawberries and bananas, ice water with fresh lemons mmmm, the sound of countless football games on TV and this wonderful day of rest and the cool breeze coming through the windows!

4 Little Men and Twins said...

sounds like an awesome day! I think i'm going to have to kindly mention the once a week thing to my mom. Ha! :)


gina said...

How nice of your mom to be so devoted to her family!

I've been loving my husband who spent his only two days off devoted to making them fabulous for me and the girls. Lots of laughter and home cooked meals.

Brittany said...

Awe, sounds like you had a fun weekend!

I love this idea... I may steal it for a post today... currently though:
- I am loving the cooler, fallish weather.
- I am loving Sundays with my hubby and no plans.
- I am loving Online Tupperware Party Invites.

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