Monday, September 15, 2008

Tomorrow, remind me to...

...get up and work out at the gym near the bottom of our hill. Preferrably without hitting my cellphone snooze button.
There was no hitting snooze for me this morning, thanks to Mr. Marvelous and his early morning--5am--shower. He has Men's Fraternity through our church on Tuesday mornings and I will now be rising an hour earlier than planned on those days. Sigh.

...fold the laundry that's currently in my dryer.
And the basket that was sitting in front of my dryer. And the basket that was sitting in my bedroom. So long laundry. See you next Monday.

...take Luke--and all the other children--to his doctor appointment.
But first we packed a lunch, hiked around at our Nature Center, and ate our picnic near the entrance of a 100 year old cave. before photos of our unfinished basement bathroom. (BTW, our carpenter was supposed to start today, but instead will be starting on Wednesday. No worries, though. He's bringing extra help and has reassured us that it will be finished in a timely manner.)

...make the Keylime pie that I've been craving.
Of course, I wouldn't leave this one uncrossed. I made time at the wee end of naps to boil up some keylime and pour into a shortbread crust. It's been screaming my name in the frig ever since. I won't eat it when the kids are awake. I need to concentrate while I enjoy it. But as soon as 7:15 rolls around finally gets here, I'm cutting a couple slices out for Mr. Marvelous and I. To be honest, I hope he doesn't like it.

...remind Luke that if he continues to stay put in his crib when he's tucked in, he'll get his big boy bed back that we tucked away in his closet last week.
Check! And really, there might not be any more need to remind him. He does a great job reminding us that he'll get his "big boy bed"

...plan meals for a pregnant mama from our church.

...assign meals for a new mom from our church.

...remind Julia to pick out a show-n-tell item for preschool on Wednesday, have her place it in her backpack.
She did. The lucky item to be shared tomorrow is Julia and Luke's Storybook Bible. Amazon sent it to us a couple of months ago. It was highly recommended by Angie. And I now know why.

...use up the pears in our crisper drawer.
Now to use up the pears on our counter.

...pick up my 4-year-old niece from her preschool after naps and snacktime.
Despite the fact that our stroller walk to the bottom of the hill and around the corner yesterday was wonderful, and Julia and Luke had a great time seeing their cousin's preschool, Mr. Marvelous decided to get our niece on his way home today.

...straighten my scraproom before my friend Sarah comes over to scrap...after the children are in bed, of course.
Check! She'll be here any minute. I think I'll scrap a couple of pages of Norah and Hazel. It's their turn.

and...tackle this Ms. Fiesty McFee down to the floor, squeezing tightly and kissing much. Then roll around with her tickling her neck. She likes that the best. This girl has quite the spunk in her.
Of course I made time for this one. Twice. First, in our front yard on a blanket this afternoon. And then after supper in our basement living room this evening. Don't think Norah missed out. She got into it too.

Here Hazel is wearing one of her many faces. She's oh-so-dramatic!

The sound that comes out of a face like this one might sound something like, "ARgh!" She quite possibly learned that from me. I've caught myself saying that to her when she plays in the toilet, or when she whips her sippy cup on the floor. Leakproof my eye!

And, maybe I'll post some action shots of her taking Norah down on the deck the other day. She grabbed at the waist then pulled, pulled, pulled until they were both spread out on the floor. Laughing all the while.

What a goofball.

She must take after her daddy.


l e a h said...

Wow, that's quite the list.

The girls look so big! And they have so much hair!

Hope by this time tomorrow night you have check-marks by each of the your items.

I'm excited about your remodeling project(s).

This was a very disjointed comment.

Good night!

l e a h said...

Disjointed and not proof-read.

Kristen said...

You forgot to add some sanity time for you! :)

Good luck with your list!

Amy said...

I love Hazel's jacket!!
And that's the turquoise bow we saw peaking behind you in your 'new 'do modeling in the car session'.

Rachel said...

Oh the well laid out plans of a mama. I have come to rename my "to do" list my "wish" list.

looking forward to the bathroom pics!

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