Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the pavers that hold this family together.

It's really true.

Mr. Marvelous has surpassed all the expectations I had for him when we first started dating back in high school. I know, I know. Say it with me now, It's not healthy to hold expectations of your spouse or loved ones. I understand that now, but I really didn't know that as a 17 year old. And the expectations I'm talking about here are ones I pray my children will hold, their children will hold, and their children's children will hold.

They're important. And I'm serious.

I knew my husband was to love Jesus, love me, love his children, and love hip hop music.

Check, check...check, check!!

A little contradictory--the first and the last requirement--I realize this. See, I had my mind set that a country boy in tight jeans and a cowboy hat singing Achy Breaky Heart just wasn't my style. But Blackstreet! They had me at "No Diggity." And it just so happened that Mr. Marvelous liked them too. Then, it wasn't until a couple of years into college that I set my love for worldly Hip Hop and R&B harmonies aside only to pick up more uplifting Hip Hoppy/Rappy artists like Toby Mac and Skillet, now two of MM's favorites artists also.

And as far as the rest of the checklist is concerned, Mr. Marvelous has shown himself to be the most thoughtful, devoted, and entertaining man. And since his Birthday is tomorrow, I'm going to take a couple of posts to brag a bit about how wonderful my soon-to-be 28-year-old husband is.

When God placed Mr. Marvelous in my younger brother's classroom in 1st grade. He knew what he was doing. I didn't know what He was doing--until my senior year in high school--but He knew.

And since then, during these past 12 years together, I've found myself doting on his many charming traits.

First, he's an amazingly committed and hard worker. The dude gets something in his head and works vigorously on it until he's done. (Or gets something in his head for me to do, and works on me until I get it done.) We've been living in our house for almost 2 years now. And everything done in this house is due to MM's determination.

Here he's taking a break from cutting pavers for our back patio.

He designed, cut, and laid out each and every block by himself!!!

He's just about done...with the patio.

And here, under our new deck, is the retaining wall that he, a friend of his, and little Lukey
built. If I remember right, it was a lot of work. Possibly as much work as it took to wheelbarrow all that rock under the deck.

And, again, if I remember right, he felt it for a few days. But it didn't bother him, there's nothing Achy or Breaky about my guy. And did I tell you, he's got a list too. He was excited to check it off and move on to the next.

Stay tuned.

More to come on Mr. Marvelous' checklist.


Angela said...

WOW! I cannot believe he's done all those pavers! That really is amazing. LOVE the wall of windows... SO cool!

Tana said...

Awwwww...Tiff you are so sweet! If I remember right he helped build a patio at his mom's when we lived next door to each other, this one seems a tad more fancy!

Lisa H said...

How fun to learn a little more about your wonderful husband! I love it! :)

That is a beautiful patio that he created for you!

l e a h said...

Husbands are neat-o.

I know why we didn't get the backyard finished this year...because we don't have a Lukey!

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