Sunday, March 2, 2008

Divine Secrets Sweetness of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

Growing up with two younger brothers around the house was fine by me. I loved making forts in the woods, clearing brush next to the creek that's just past our back pasture for our "Crooked Creek Campground," jumping bales in the hayloft, and riding in the tractor and combine. I never considered myself a true tomboy, though, since dressing up my doll and painting my nails were favorites of mine. But, since my brothers never cared to play with Ms. Peaches and Cream or paint their toes a pink glittery hue, I couldn't help but wish for a sister.

I remember meeting my mom in the kitchen one day, around the age 6 or 7, and asking for a sister. Since there was no possibility for that anymore, she replied with, "I'm sorry hon, but we won't be having any more children." It was obviously a huge letdown for me because I fired back with, "Fine! I'll just pray for one." Then I ran upstairs, flung myself on my Strawberry Shortcake bedspread and buried my sobbing face in my pillow.

Even though my prayers for a biological sister went unanswered, God heard my cries and gifted me with two remarkable sisters-in-law.

Loyal Forever, for all eternity...Ya Ya!


Amy said...

Praise God for blessing you with friendship beyond relation. How lucky for you to be blessed in such a way!
I'll be you're a fun SIL to have!

Anonymous said...

I asked the Lord as a 5 yr old child, "please give me a really cool family". He is always faithful. I had a quiver full; daughter, sons, son n law, daughter n laws, grandchildren. I am truely blessed. How can I ever thank Thee?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you're all so stinking hot! And trendy. And girly! Sometimes I wish Maisie could have a sister...and, if she never gets a biological one, it's nice to know there is hope on the horizon! (For, surely, Kieran and Cullen will choose as remarkable of specimens as it sounds your baby brothers did!)

Anonymous said... the pic. You look adorable w/o your glasses! I think I've only seen you once w/o them-at Barn and Jess' wedding?
Miss you,
Nicole VP

Kim said...

You are more than HOT, you guys are "SMOKIN' HOT"... for real!
Just looking at the pic of the three of you, you can see the love you all have for one another.

Leslie said...

Totally unrelated to your great post - but I love your haircut. So cute. I wish I could pull off something like that. Is it still short? I imagine with 4 kids it is.

Tiffany said...

It IS still short. In fact, a little shorter. I JUST got a little trim in the back. I'm going for the true inverted bob.

with your cutie self, you COULD pull off "something like that."

Kristi said...

How wonderful!!! And, how great to have that "girl time" together as well!!!

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