Monday, March 24, 2008

Already Walking the Earth

The other day, during the girls' morning nap, the big kids and I were playing with blocks up in Julia's room. While castle building unfolded as usual, I began thinking this thought: There's a pretty high chance that Julia's husband is already walking this earth...even if she ends up robbing the cradle like her momma did.

How crazy is that?

So, I've begun praying for him...just like my mom did for me when I was little. And, what fabulous prayers she must have prayed!


MCK Mama said...

Ahhhhhh, that gave me/is giving me such crazy goosebumps. Shame on me for not really having that same thought about my kids' spouses. I will stop NOW and pray for them. And then keep it up. Thanks for sharing!!!

Stacey said...

Oh wow. You are probably completely right! That is hard for me to fathom when I think of little C.
Ya know...also I believe he is walking the earth here is Luverne. If is doesn't work out with Julia we can always give Norah and Hazel a chance :)

Amy said...

I think that same thing. My kiddos' spouses have been on my prayer list, even if they're not walking the earth yet, God has them practically designed.

And, I robbed the cradle too! ;)

Ehlan said...

Doesn't it make them seem like they grow up too fast? Marriage!! But you are totally right...I know Olivia already has a few suitors after her!!

Angela said...

Yes! I love that!! I have done the same things for my kids, but get a little choked up when I think about my boy getting married some day (gulp!):(

Kelly said...

My mother too prayed for my husband when she gave her heart to the Lord when I was three. Little did she know that he turned out to be such a nerd. LOL. He is a great guy that I am so proud to be married too. Plus we had a beautiful baby together. Hopefully we can have another one soon.

Kristi said...

What a great reminder for me to be diligent in praying for that.

We have talked about that with the girls...that their "future husbands" could be out there somewhere...and how neat it is that we can pray for them even when we don't know WHO they are!!!

Yikes...I can't go there yet!!