Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our First Crop Walk of the Year

...Yields Great Things.

After the kiddos woke from their afternoon nap, we had snack and ventured out on the promised "first walk of the year." When you have 47 degree weather paired with a wonderfully warm sunshine, what's a mom to do but remind her 4under3 what a sidewalk is? And, Ohhhh, the upregulated manufacturing of Vitamin D started almost instantly.

This is 5 minutes into our 75 minute trip. Yes, it was just me. And it really isn't that hard pushing the double with my right hand while pulling the wagon with my left. The challenging part comes at the hill up ahead...when Julia's little legs get "so tired" that she needs "to take a little rest." So, I thought I'd help the girl out by giving an occasional swift push from behind with one of my free legs.

Rushing water and loud splashing caught everyone's eyes. This was one of our very exciting finds of the trip.

A big hit with the little man of our crew. Of course he shouts, "Uncle D." (FYI: Uncle D doesn't drive one of these, nor does he drive a UPS truck, a school bus, or own tigers and bears.)

And do you see it? Our destination place? When we turn this corner, I hear the Ohhhh's & Ahh's instantly. We didn't play there. But we did walk all the way there just so the little ones understood why we wouldn't be playing there for a little while longer. Frigid standing water under monkey bars, slides, swings, and teeter-toters aren't as fun as they would seem. "When the sun dries up the puddles, that's when we'll play."

With about 25 minutes to go, Hazel decided she wanted a new seating arrangement. If this little big brother isn't a hoot to watch, I don't know who is.

Like I said, the sun was at its best well as these 4under3. How did you spend this fantastic day?


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, wasn't it so nice!? The kids' poor little winter-weakened eyes can't handle that sun in the last pic, can they? We went on a (much shorter) walk, too, and both boys played outside for over an hour during and after our big playdate. I was SOOO ready for nice weather to finally begin. Yeah!!

Melissa said...

Yeah Spring!!! I won't begin to tell you that is has been almost 70 here the past few days. AWESOME! And my inlaws are opening their pool in just a few short weeks. I am so ready for my skin to see some color again! Bring on the Vit D.

Amy said...

You are such a woman!
I will no longer complain as I push my double stroller of 75 lbs of kids up my (steep) subdivision hill.

THAT is why you are so skinny! ;)

Stephanie Balvin said...

You are incredible! They do have triple strollers, you do know that right?

I thought of you the other day when I was at the New Apple Valley Target. They had carts that had a place for 2 babies to be and other children too. Maybe they heard your cries to help the moms with multiples. Maybe you should come over and we can check it out!

Stacey said...

That's just awesome Tiff. Seriously, I was wondering who went with you in the first pic...Mitch? NOPE. You were flying solo. Way to go. I'm sure they loved it. Wish we were strolling next to you. I would be a big help ya know--having only one to handle...I'd take on a few of yours.

Rachel said...

Wow! It's like a parade. I am in awe.

We played follow the leader around the pond across the street. It was marvelous!

Ehlan said...

You truly are amazing. O and I went for a walk too, but it didn't last 75 minutes!! Maybe she would have been more entertained with a companion!!

Melissa P. said...

Just caught up on some of my blog reading and oh my goodness, you are awesome! Picts. and all to show off your amazing abilities. Your babies are so cute. Miss you.