Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why all is quiet in Blogville...

When you're solo while:

Packing, loading, and hauling for 1 overnight trip to grandma's and grandpa's


Attending 1 friend's little girl's Birthday party


Attending 1 cousin's Birthday party


Going to Hazel's Mag 3 scan (which she did fabulous during)


taking a trip to Joann Fabric with 4under3.2 and only 1 cart (which the kindest lady came up to compliment the "big kids" on how great their behavior was..Ohhhh!)


having supper at McD's playland then hauling out 2 unhappy hungry babies


tucking in 4 children many times for naps and bedtime


Going to Norah's Mag 3 scan (she followed in her little sis's footsteps)


taking a trip to Target for my assigned items for breakfast at MOPs tomorrow morning


wiping many ketchup blobs and yogurt splats during supper in the foodcourt at Target


bathing 4 wiggly bodies before bed....

...It leaves you with quite the mushy thought process, unpolished frame of mind, and lack of blogging.
(But don't you worry, Mr. Lobster is in flight headed our way as we speak.)


MCK Mama said...

Poor Mr. Lobster! He remembered pommade but forgot sunscreem!?

What a busy, busy time you've been having! And, funny thing is, I have a feeling (except for the Mag 3 scans...I take it you don't know the results yet??) that the events of these days you've chronicled aren't really THAT out of the ordinary for your life with 4under3 are they!?

Leslie said...

Even I am ready for your hubs to get home. Geez!

Amy said...

Yipes, only you could do that!

Kim said...

That's right, I dont know you personally but only YOU could do that.
I can't or dont even attempt all those things with 1 kiddo, just kidding I am not that bad.

Ehlan said...

I am ready for your hubby to come home are (once again!) AMAZING! I'm glad you took the kiddos out for 2 meals and didn't take it to cook everything while you had them all to yourself!! Get some R & R when Mitch comes home!

Amanda said...

Man oh man. Just reading that post left ME with a "mushy thought process." You must be exhausted! It sounds like the hubby is home now, so here's hoping to one incredibly long and well-deserved nap!

Kristi said...

Busy stuff.

And, like Mck Mama said, probably a "typical day" in your life with your FOUR little ones, huh? I hope too that you are able to have some time to get refreshed now that your cooked-hubby is home!! :-)

Alicia O. & the gang said...

BATHTIME! That's what I would put on your "list" for this weekend. I take it Mr. Lobster, in all of his listmaking efforts, forgot sunscreen in his golf bag? Common mistake among husband golfers I think....happened to mine a time or two as well!
Also Congratulations on making it through...mind over matter right?

Lisa said...

Love it! ;-) haha