Friday, March 21, 2008

Positive Technical Expressions

Yesterday, as I sat with Norah and Hazel in Dr. Kramer's office, I hung on each and every one of his medical terms while nodding through his "what-the-heck-does-that-mean" lingo. As I stared at his computer screen while he pointed to images of pretty polka dots the girls' kidneys, my mind momentarily drifted. I wondered this: do all doctors, like this Head of Pediatric Urology, find themselves thinking, singing, and breathing technical expressions? After all, most doctors with "Head" or "Professor in Honor" next to their name have obviously earned their title. I'm sure they've dedicated every muscle in their brain to medical schooling for 10+ years. The girls and I found it quite entertaining listening to him dictate their situation over the phone. They just sat and stared. Who knew there were even such words?

With that said, after I presented my questions in layman's terms, this plethora of walking knowledge confirmed what Mitch and I were believing for each of the girls' left kidney.

Both girls' kidneys are functioning perfectly. They both are draining completely. The scan shows that Norah's left kidney appears to be a tad bigger than her right, and appears to be draining slower--but it's not causing any problems. ( I mean, my love for dessert appears to be a tad bigger than most and that's not causing any problems, at least not yet.) He'd like to see her back in 6 months for a little Ultrasound and Hazel in 12 months. It looks to him that they are growing out of this. And, he "highly" doubts that the girls will ever need any kind of surgery for this.

(a sigh of relief)

Now, on to buying a couple of those SuperYard XTs.


Stephanie Balvin said...

So glad that everything is ok- praise Jesus!

Amy said...

I literally just ordered a SuperYard XT. From (because I can't bring myself to enter the store - just kidding, because they aren't in stock at the store & they ship site to store for free).

Anyway, more importantly,
PRAISE GOD for hearing our prayer, hope, & knowing our faith. I am smiling to hear these great results.

Hope you guys enjoy this blessed season as you celebrate our savior!

Ehlan said...

Praise Praise! Hope you guys have a Blessed Easter!

Amy said...

I guess I should clarify that I ordered it for church...
in case you think I'm slightly neurotic enough to gate off areas from my 2 & 4 year olds. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I will have to look into what the heck superyardxts are. Sound fancy. And, hip hip hooray on correctly (almost) functioning twin kidneys!!!!

Kristi said...

GREAT news!!! :-)