Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For all the Love in the World

For.the.love of clear nasal passageways. For the love of unirritated bronchi cells and unblocked middle ear tubes. For the love of soft hands and every sweet and salty mouth-watering flavor. For all alluring aromas. For all the LOVE.IN.THE.WORLD... Spring! Please make your entrance into our world. We'd love to open our windows, take long walks, and breath more clearly.

Yesterday Julia and I went to Luke's 2 year Well Check with him. We left with a couple of stickers and the knowledge that Luke has Bronchitis and Julia has a double ear infection. I'm pretty sure Hazel has something of the sorts. And I'm so tired of sneezing and the pressure behind each of my eyeballs.

Here's to getting it all out of our system and starting so-fresh-and-so-clean.

Here's Norah, our sideline cheerleader, who seems to be in tiptop shape.


Amy said...

Go Norah Go! Go mint green shirts with butterflies on them! Yay!

Alicia O. & the gang said...

All too common, is this Dr. report this season. Exact situation for me about 1 month ago! But we're in the clear now...prayers of the same for you very shortly! There's always 1 tuffie in the group...thankfully!

Karen said...

I found you via Reston Baby! great site! I VERY much agree. I took my 3 yr to the dr yesterday and found he STILL has pneumonia! I'm sick of the sick! Ready for spring for SURE!

MerrandaVK said...

I had to comment that if our little Rhys (who is 12 weeks) would have been a girl, we were going to name her Norah - with an "h"! Norah Charis. So anyways just wanted to comment that I love your girls names!

Anonymous said...

Norah, you are such a spark of Gods love and joy. You brighten my day the minute I catch your smile.