Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Case of the Uninterested Subjects.

After going to our 10 o'clock Easter service this morning, we tried for a couple family children photos up front. As you can see, this was pre-naptime for the little girls. They were really missing their 9:15-11:00 nap. No luck for an Easter picture in this photoshoot.

After driving a little over an hour, back to our hometown for Easter lunch, we thought we'd try again at Great Grandma Eva's house. GG Eva is my dad's mom who lives on a farm 1/16th of a mile away from my parent's farm. However, the grandma pictured in this photo is Great Grandma L. She is my mom's mom who joins us in every holiday. As you can see, the twins are in better spirits, now it's the big kids who we need to work on.

Getting closer...Let's focus here people. What are you doing, Luke?

Perfect. Now move in the other two.

Finally, 4 happy children. No one's looking at the camera, but at least we have fingerfree noses, tearfree cheeks, and smiles. Happy Easter everyone!


Angela said...

This one is my favorite!! It's interesting... and so real life. LOVE it! :)

MCK Mama said...

Ah, you are a better woman than me! I "only" have 3under3 and I didn't even bother trying to get a photo of my kids together today!

I liked all of the photos, actually. Lovin' all three girls' bows! Say you got them at wal-Mart!?

Melissa P. said...

Super fun Easter cuties. Hope you had a good one. You won't ever forget these days.

Stacey said...

Happy Easter Swansons!
Yeah like MCMAMA I have 1 under whatever and didn't do photo shoot I was dreaming of.
I love that you have the girls in the little Easter dresses that are meant for 80+ weather. Seriously shopping on Sat with mom/Steph/C we were thinking (while looking at all the cute dresses) one is going to buy these cute little dresses for Easter because it JUST snowed like 6+ inches YESTERDAY.
You DID it!

Ehlan said...

You sure did better than me!! Olivia was NOT up for photos...the puppies were much more interesting. I love all the matching outfits! ADORABLE!!