Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If the Guess is Right

My friend MCK Mama is throwing a fabulously fun party over at Mycharmingkids.net. I'm inviting you to come on over and join in. There.are.prizes....well, go on...anyone can win.

Don't forget your party hat.

Edited for your information:
The winner doesn't get a pat on the back...MCK Mama is far more rewarding than that. She'll send you a gift certificate to
Happy Green Bee's online store. How proud would I be, if you won...my blogging friend.


MCK Mama said...

best post about my contest so far by far. congrats! now, if only you could win for that! good luck...

Kim said...

Yeah, totally humiliating, it was not even graceful. HOw are you?