Sunday, January 6, 2008

Simply Hard. Hardly Simple.

With the return to "normal" life just a day away, I muse over the events from the past few days. How remarkably refreshing this retreat has been! Placing my mommy-role aside and focusing on my wifey-role while catering to my's been rejuvinating.

Inasmuch as our trip has been filled with involvedness (concentration down black diamonds, dinner dates with friends, squeezing into very fitting ski boots, nursing sore muscles and twisted joints back to health) its simplicity is what comes to mind right now.

How simple it's been to leave our 4under3 with family members. After the 3rd full day away, Jaclyn and Oli needed no more than a simple "Hello" from us before running off to put the finishing touches on their fort in the livingroom.

How hard it's been to pull myself out of a scalding hot shower and steaming hot bath knowing there were no little bodies out there that needed me.

How simple it is to bring the children up in almost every single conversation the entire time we've been away.

How hard it is to remember why I yearned for the warmth of springtime when there are blue skies, white hills, and pristine winters to enjoy while downhill sking.

How simple it is to miss the children on this much needed "vaca," especially when I saw many adorable little people learning to ski. I wished I could hijack an emergency helicopter and fly home to get Jaclyn.

How hard it is to laugh uncontrollably while trying to maintain my balance simultaneously. I watched a friend brave the fast approaching slope-but she finished unsuccessfully.

More to come on our trip...


Stephanie Balvin said...

It all sounds incredible!

Ehlan said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear about the rest of it!

MCK Mama said...

Nice to read a post by you! I'd been checking and checking, even though I knew you'd be away. It was simply hard to read your post without simultaneously being jealous that you got to take a vaca away and also being excited for you two to be able to return home to your 4under3. Safe travels home!

Kim said...

I'm with MCK.... I have been stopping by a couple times a day (no I'm not a stalker lol). Sounds like you hada blast. I too am nursing sore muscles but that's b/c I'm trying to get those muscles working again!