Monday, January 14, 2008

The Sermon on the Mount on Our Way to Church.

The following was heard on our way to church yesterday.

Julia: "Jesus I want you to go in my heart right now. And, I want you to stay there. Yep. Stay right there (pointing to her heart). Say it Lukie! Say, Jesus, I want you to----hey guys does Jesus drive a car?"

Daddy: "Jesus doesn't need to drive a car. He is everywhere all the time."

Julia: "I'm so glad that Jesus is going to do everything and he's going to bring me heaven. Remember Luke, Jesus was a little baby and now He is the big man in heaven so..say it Lukie, say Jesus, come in my heart right now."

Luke: "Ehas, wwwwite now.

Julia: "HEY GUYS! Did you just hear that? That was sooo cute!"

Exactly what we were thinking the whole time.


Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that counts! ;)

MCK Mama said...

Soooo cute AND sooooo tell-tale of the wonderful upbringing your kids are obviously having. Bravo, Jaclyn--preach it!

(Gotta just love how she bosses Oli--and Jesus--around. At least she's got her priorities straight and is bossing in the right direction at least!)

Shelly said...

so cute, pulls at those heart strings huh?

Rachel said...


Stacey said...

Oh sweet oh sweet! I feel a tear!

Ehlan said...


Stephanie Balvin said...

It makes it all worth it, doesn't it?

I did renew my license. I figured it gave me 5 years to figure out what I wanted to do! How about you?

Melissa said...

Tif -
my mom sent me the link to your blog and i've been reading it...soo fun :-) you are a hero taking care of all those kids, a husband and a house.

and i LOOOOOVE four year olds who sound like they are grown "hey guys, did you just hear that" too cute!

keep up the amazing work with the fam!

-melissa (scrabeck) lucido

Virginia said...

People should read this.