Saturday, January 19, 2008

"What Were You Thinking?"

That's what I heard as I crawled into bed this morning at 1:23.

Sounds like the voice of a mother or father who's disappointed with their teenager who missed curfew, right? (Not mine, I aimed to please growing up and only remember being late once by 15 minutes.)

The voice I was hearing was the little one in my head, and it wasn't happy with me.

The voice continued, "It's not like you're 18 and in college anymore. You're a mommy, now! You won't get recoup time tomorrow morning like you did 3.2 years ago. You can't sleep in 'til noon. Good luck with that one!"

As I rolled over pulling my body pillow over my head, I thought to myself. Ok, if the girls really sleep in, I'll get 5 hours and 55 minutes of sleep. That's manageable. On the other hand, if they wake as usual, I'll get 5 hours.

Oh no! What was I thinking?

Clearly I was indulging over these pictures thinking they were way to cute to walk away from and that my friend Sarah was way fun to hang out with.

Well, the girls did rise and shine as I hoped they wouldn't. But surprisingly enough, I'm not as drowsy as I imagined I'd be.


Stephanie Balvin said...

I hear that voice all the time as well. There is too much I want to get done while they are sleeping, that I sacrifice my own rested self. I always tell myself, someday, I will be dragging them out of bed at noon. I love the pages- no sleep was worth it!

Amy said...

So you did "indulge"?!
But I think it was probably worth it.
I haven't scrapped in foooooorever.

MCK Mama said...

I, too, can stay up much later now that I am FINALLY not pregnant any more! Pregnant me had to go to bed at 8 or 9. Non pregnant me can be up until 11 or 12 and still feel rested when the kids come calling. But after 1? Nope, not usually. But looks like your mommy adrenaline kicked in and you weren't too groggy! Great! And a super cute scrapbook page to boot. And time with a friend! Ahhhh. Did you eat and drink, or just be merry?

Kim said...

That same voice asks me the same question more often than not.

WELCOME said...

How sweet. I am sure I will have many of those nights where I may think that to myself as well. thanks for commenting over on my blog... I have enjoyed reading yours.