Friday, January 18, 2008

in·dulge· (in dulj′)

Transitive verb
1. to yield to or satisfy (a desire); give oneself up to

Minutes ago I sent my Marvelous husband and our oldest two off to an overnight at grandma Net's (his mom). They'll return tomorrow after a fun filled dose of indulging of all kinds.

I'm sure they'll start with "Spot" the cat then move on to sweets and treats, grandma's jewelry drawer, and Kids Praise videos. Daddy will be indulging as well. He has some one-on-one time with Oli and will be showing him off at the Friday night Boys Basketball Game, a highlight of the week for our little hometown...population 600.

I on the other hand, will be doing a little indulging myself....
Over our youngest two.


Kim said...

That should be a nice lil break! Not that you need a break but girl you certainly have you hands full, and I'm sure you will do lots of lovin' up on those two beauties!!! Have a great weekend!

Marisa said...

I swear I didn't remember what I read as a kid, but I was thinking how nice it was you remembered these boxcar series books you read as a kid. It sounded sort of familiar but I didn't know what they were. I checked on it. i read at least 8 of them. I don't remember past that but I would go to the library in grade school and check them out as soon as a new one would be returned. Were they popular? That started my love for mysteries, or maybe it was when I first learned that I loved mysteries:)Thanks for putting that on your blog, now I know what I read as a kid:)I almost want to fin them and read them again for fun. Just thought I'd share. Marisa PS Maybe we should take a few on the trip to Fargo to read. :)

Amy said...

Hope it was fun!