Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Poof, Bye Bye Memory Bank.

The other day J was sitting at the computer watching the screensaver slideshow pictures scroll by when I walked into the office. It is a bunch of my favorite pictures that date back to L's birth. This particular picture came on and I commented about it.

I asked, "J, that is one of my very favorite pictures of you. Do you remember the day we took that picture?"

"No," she replied matter-of-factly.

"You don't remember the day you turned 2 and Luke and I took you to your doctor appointment? Then we stopped at the Great Harvest Bread Company for some bread and took a coffee to go, you don't remember that day?"

Calmly she responded, "No, Momma."

"J, don't you remember we had a mini-photoshoot on the sidewalk where you were looking so dang cute and I wanted to eat you up?"


(Silence fell, and a tear thought about forming in my one eye.)
That is one of my favorite memories of her turning two, and is no longer a memory of hers.


Ehlan said...

Be thankful that you get to charish those memories!

Jennifer said...

I know, I have had a few sad moments when I realize that my kids won't even remember this--or that--great thing we are doing. But, WE'LL remember, and capture it on film, and we can share it when our kids when they're older.

Oh, and, yes, she looked so scrumptious on that day, I wanted to eat her up, too! Her hair! Precious!

Amy said...

Omigosh! Your kids are SO cute!!