Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rules! Rules! Serious Rules!

Along with the many hugs and kisses, tickle piles, and "tackle you down town buster brown" sessions that go on here, there are a few seriously-set-in-stone rules that help our 4under3 gang function as proper members of society this household.

For example,
TV-No tv until after nap. That's when we'll watch a 1/2 hour of Miss Spider and Dora and be done.

Babies-Only adults pick the babies up. You may only go into their crib to wake them when I say, and "whisper while you wake them."

Bedtime-Jammies go on after you leave the dinner table. When it's time for bed, meet at your bathroom door for your toothbrush. SIT while you brush. One drink of "Wa wa" for Luke after brushing. If you want to read some stories snuggle up in Luke's room on the pile of ball pillows and each pick out TWO books. Then you each get to rock, talk about 3 things you did awesome that day, prayers, and kisses.

Time to eat-Keep your hands to yourself. If you think you are done, ask to be excused, or in J's case, "Please, may you excuse me please?" Show your table manners so you don't have to get down before you are truely done. You must "take your one taste" of everything on your plate.

Naptime-Make sure you've given everyone, including the girls (twins), all the kisses we need and you've gotten your drink of water BEFORE you get in bed for nap otherwise you'll have to wait until you get up.

Playtime-Share so we don't have to put it away. At the end of the day, clean up together. Put toys in the bin with its picture on it. Use your nice words...your thank you's, I'm sorry's, and do you forgive me's. Remember, you love eachother!!

When rules are set in place and children knowingly follow, say hello to the non-irritable mother....who's much more fun to be around than the irritable mother. Trust me!


Amy said...

Structure is good... speaking as a teacher & a mom!!

Yes, hubby & I taught together before getting married.

We kept our relationship in secret all year. But when we got engaged, we figure we couldn't hide it anymore!

We gathered both of our classes together. And we announced it to them.

They couldn't believe it.

Now hubby teaches middle school. He likes it much better. But no thank you, I'll stick with 2nd graders! (we'll see in a couple of years when I go back to teaching, just where I end up ;)

Ehlan said...

Good rules! Right now, Olivia's rules are "Don't touch Mommy's decorations" and "Don't stand in the tub!!" :) I'd like to hear more about your napping schedule--I don't ever have the problem of having to wake Olivia from naps!! Tell me your secrets...

Jessica said...

Are you taking any kids currently? Can I send some of my five over in exchange for a few of your "already trained" kids? Is that feasible? I guess that's too much to ask... But honestly, do you offer seminars? Maybe a weekend submersion course? We could really just limit it to bin labeling and one-item-food-tasting... Any takers? No? Bueller?

MCK Mama said...

I love the pictures on bins thing. Love it! Going to try to do that. Soon. After I wait at my bathroom door and brush my teeth sitting down. Bravo! Love your Rules!

Stephanie Balvin said...

Great rules, I am curious, what are the consequences of not following the rules?

Leslie said...

Seriously - we talked about me sending the boys up North didn't we? I will be using those rules very soon my friend. Way to go mother of the year!