Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meet the Coughing Caboose

I find it quite fitting to introduce the last two, the caboose, the finale of our family tonight, since the last many hours have been all about them. You see, when I returned home from the weekend they had a little cough that soon turned into a bigger cough, and tonight a hacking-can-hardly-stop type of cough. After answering all the triage nurse's questions over the phone we decided that since Mr. Marvelous is going out of town tomorrow morning on an overnight trip for work, we should probably have them seen. So, off to the Urgent Care on the most frigidly cold night of the year. My sis-in-law gratiously offered to meet me there and help out. Oh, I love that girl!

Here are the results....
Meet Norah Kae-

She has some wheezing, no temp, and clear ears. Yea! Guess she just wanted to come along for the ride. We need to watch her cough and pay attention to any temps.

Meet Hazel Renae-

She had more wheezing, a slight temp, and the start of an ear infection in one ear. Ohhh..little honey! So, they gave her a neb treatment, prescribed some meds for her ear, and sent us home with a neb machine and a prescription.

Despite the long night, a missed supper (that I was really looking forward to), frozen hands, and little to none time with the hubs, I did get quality cuddle time with our caboose.


stephie G said...

sorry to hear about the little coughs... i just finished the weekend with those kids i went to straight from your house... they also had coughs.. one with ear infection, and tonight, a temp. It is the time of year i tell ya! Get better soon you little caboose!

Amy said...

LOVE their names. It's fun to "meet" them.

Yes, this nasty weather definitely treats us to ear infections & viruses!

Get better, babies!!! (& get some sleep mommy!)

Leslie said...

Isn't this time of year the worst! Hope your sweeties get better soon. Oh and I love their names. So cute!
We had a really rough day yesterday. Here's to a wonderful Wednesday for us all!

Melissa said...

Poor things! I am longing for spring...how 'bout yall? Good luck tonight with the hubby gone. Mine travels too so I know that feeling of crashing at the end of the day when he is gone. Take a long bath and find a good book and don't feel the least bit guilty if you are in bed by 8:45!

Ehlan said...

Tis the season!! Poor little bugs--I hope they get better SOON!!!

Amanda said...

I know EXACTLY what you're going through! It's so hard to see the little ones sick, isn't it? You'd take it on yourself any day!

I hope and pray, for your sake and theirs, they get through this virus quickly and safely!

MCK Mama said...

They are the most darling (if hacking) caboose I have ever, ever seen! And, though I knew their names before, I truly LOVE to see their names here now. Best caboose names ever. Now, get better!