Monday, December 31, 2007

Deceptively Delicious-Tried and True

I'm realizing that our country is beginning is past the early stages of raising a people on fast food, fat food, and sugar. And how easy is it when a lot of the foods out there are packed with nutritious nothings. I heard just the other day that heart disease is at its all time high where its patients are heavier, and also younger than they have ever been. This is disturbing to me that today's children are at risk of living shorter lives than their parents. So, I look at it as part of my job as their mommy to feed them healthful foods...especially fruits and vegetables. I don't know about you but right around 1 1/2 my children's tastbuds seemed to change toward these foods. They don't seem as tasty to them anymore. So I took the liberty to work around it.

Have you read this book?

I just got done reading through them both and they are WONDERFUL!
I've tried 4 of their recipes and it's true, they work.

One rushed night before Christmas I added an entire 1/2 cup of pureed carrots to a box of Mac-n-Cheese. Watching them devour it was more than satisfying.

The next night I made homemade Tuna Casserole and added a 1/2 cup of Navy beans, once again, they loved well as my Marvelous Husband.

And since then I have added pureed carrots to whole wheat quesidillas and mini pizzas. I made "Green Eggs" for breakfast this morning that included pureed baby spinach. And for lunch I added a 1/2 cup sweet potatoes to homemade Mac-n-Cheese.

Knowing how important all these veggies are for us, I do believe this is the way I will cook until they are out of the house. Don't worry, we always serve a "visible" veggie on their plate with their meal, and if they eat it-double bonus.


Anonymous said...

Very wonderfully deceptively healthy! Funny thing: I USED to do more of that than I do now. I have taken to letting Kieran dip his raw veggies in ketchup. A small price to pay for eating 6 flowerettes of broccoli and 5 baby carrots. Oh, that and I won't let the boys eat their other food until they eat their veggies. I never thought I'd be "that" mom. But they've gotten to where they know automatically (well, at least Kieran) to eat those first. And he LOVES them now! (Yes, at 1 1/2 his appetite for ANY and ALL veggies dropped off...that's when I had to start other techniques.)

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I added pureed squash to our mac& cheese after you told me that. Even my friends 4 year old loved it. I need to borrow your books and get more ideas.

Leslie said...

So glad the food is good. I got Jessica Seinfield's book for Christmas. I actually need the extra veggies for myself. Let me know which ones you tried and I'll try a different one. Thanks for sharing! I am BIG on nutrition too!

Leslie said...

I meant which ones you try in the future!!

FaithHopeLove said...

Another great thing is to add shredded veggies in meatloaf. If you prefer turkey for the meat it's even less fat. Tonight we had meatloaf with shredded carrots, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. We still had a side of brocoli so my kids at four vegies in one sitting without even knowing it. I would still like to check out these cook books, they look interesting.

Ehlan said...

Fabulous! I need to get that book too. We are horrible about veggies ourselves, so I know it will be a battle later with O.

Carrie said...

Huh. I have J. Seinfeld's book but had no luck getting my kids (or husband) to eat the chicken nuggets I made. It was very time consuming (30 minutes of constant work in the kitchen - Impossible with two kids underfoot) and then the stinkers didn't like it. I should try a different recipe, but it was soooo discouraging. I made homemade baby food for both my kids and I guess I'm burnt out on pureeing even if it's only once a month. I'll have to try the mac&cheese one before I return the book - maybe that one would work on my kids.

Have fun on your trip! "See" ya in a week.

Amy said...

I keep going back & forth about this book. Probably like a lot of moms, I guess I fear that hiding the veggies won't create that love for the veggies, well, at least at a conscious level.
I wonder how many of her recipes are milk-free...
I'm such a tightwad, I will probably see if our library has it yet. :)
Glad it worked for you guys!