Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Morning Mental Note



Never try to skip the shortened morning naps before church when dealing with babies built on a firm "Babywise" foundation. No matter how great of a job they are doing playing on the floor...their lack of a shortened morning nap before church WILL catch up with them. This causing two very, very, very tired, sad, and tear stained babies along with a quite loud and crazy house during the "exiting portion" of the morning.


Stephanie Balvin said...

Sunday's always mess up my kids and it seems every Monday we need start the routine over again. That pool was in Monticello...bummer I know!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, Sundays can be so hard for two-a-day nappers! And I am such a FIRM don't miss a nap EVER kind of mommy, it makes my pulse race to skip kids' naps. And it's usually not worth it! As you unfortunately found. Poor tear-stained tired twins. Yawn.

Ehlan said...

Well I haven't done babywise, but Sundays are hard for us too! Even without babwise, O is a consistent napper and Sunday morning church is right in the middle of it!! I had to wake her up from her morning nap yesterday to go. It always kills me to wake her up--naps are so precious!!