Sunday, December 2, 2007

Have you met Nictoria?

I love the imagination of a child. As I was cleaning up the kitchen after supper tonight, Jaclyn sat at the island and shared with me some bits and pieces about her new "friend," Nictoria.

I found out that "Nictoria" is a 5 year old little girl..."no wait, 6 years old. She just had her birthday. She's growing very big." Some things she likes to do is go to Sunday School and go to the doctor. When she goes to the doctor, though, she doesn't get shots. Nictoria has a dog and her name is-Nictoria. Imagine that! "Jaclyn," I asked, "why haven't I met this friend of yours?" "She's never been to our house, Mommy. She stays at her own home with her mommy and daddy. But she's going to come over real soon. And she has a brother, just one brother. Did you know that her favorite color is red? It is."

"Ok mommy, you finish, I'll go get my jammies on, and we'll talk more about Nictoria, Ok?"

Ok hon. (Oh, I could just chew her up.)


Leslie said...

She is so cute and looks even sweeter. Wish I had the imagination of a child!

Ehlan said...

I wonder if Nictoria knows Penelope? My long lost friend from when I was 5... You'll have to ask Jaclyn for me.

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

This is too funny, Z just started with a new friend too. His friend's name is cat, like on Little Bear. I will have to blog about their friendship too.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I had an imaginary friend named Jenniber when I was little:)