Monday, December 17, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...Whoa Whoa!

Almost every Monday my mom, bless her heart, comes over to watch the little ones while I run frantically around town tackling every errand possible from groceries to doctor appointments. Ahhhh...the freedom of getting in and out of the car without strapping 4 seatbelts, covering 4 heads and fingers, and folding and unfolding a 2 ton stroller. Due to the mile long list I wrote last night, my eyes popped open without hesitation at an abnormally early hour this morning.

After rerunning today's events in my head, I knew canceling our fitness center membership a few months ago...because of the child care that just didn't pass as professional in my eyes but that's a whole different post...was going to be an o.k. move.

Who needs to pay to exercise when I can get a month's worth of working out in just 4 Manic Mondays? Here's how I got my workout in today.

"Stretched" as I gave hugs around 4 little pajama bodies before leaving the house by 9.

Ran "Power walked" through the mall to return a gift and search for tall black dress boots for Jaclyn and a Christmas sweater for Oli. (No luck, once again.)

"Jogged" from the car to the entrance of each store and back. Eight stores in all.

Worked on "Deep Muscle Stretching" while holding my phone up to my ear with my shoulder as I ran around gathering last minute Christmas gifts, paid for my items at the checkout, and drove. (woops)

"Walked" through CUB (because I'd look pretty funny running, right?) while loading ingredients for our Cookie Baking Party on Thursday, formula for the next few weeks, and the basics-milk, eggs, etc.

"Lifted" 6 cases of Similac RS (Reflux Sensitive) premixed liquid formula into my cart...then into the car...then into the house. This is 36 quarts of liquid food for the girls. I consider myself a champion weight lifter now.

And, "Practiced Deep Breathing" as I looked at the clock to find I had 30 minutest to run to 3 more stores that were nowhere near eachother. Needless to say, I didn't finish everything today. I'd love to share with you the specfic stores I visited and the items I purchased and didn't purchase, because this is a blog and I enjoy sharing unimportant specifics with people who I don't always know, Marvelous Husband reads this and...well, that would ruin some Christmas surprises for him.

After unloading the groceries to their entitled spot in the kitchen, putting the little ones down for naps and giving kisses and hugs to my mom as she darted out the door to finish her Christmas shopping, I engaged myself into the much needed "Cool Down Segment" of my day by preparing a warm, tasty bowl of my mom's famous chicken vegetable soup. Mmmm.


Leslie said...

That is hilarious!!! I seriously choked on my yet again ham sandwich. Guess I've been working out all this time too. I feel good about canceling our gym membership now too. I'm a tad bit jealous that your mom comes in on Monday's though.

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

It was a nice surprise to be a pit stop in your busy day! See you Thursday night. I can't wait!

Ehlan said...

wow. that's amazing. It is super nice that your mom comes on Mondays. I can't imagine you running all of those errands with 4!!

Stacey said...

Tiff Tiff--
You are crazy. Now what I am wondering...did you fit in Starbucks or not?!

Tiffany said...

Funny that you asked. Yep. I did fit it in Triple Grande Vanilla Latte. I know, you are wondering, "What in the world, you've never ordered that." I thought I would be different yesterday. How was your date?