Friday, December 14, 2007

Back to My First Love

Last night I took a break from blogging (gasp!!!) to go back to My First Love.

A scrapbooking comrade of mine joined me after the kids were in bed and here are my finished products, minus the journaling that I need to do today.


Ehlan said...

Beautiful! I'm hoping to get some good scrapping time in next week!

Leslie said...

My ONE goal in life is to learn to scrapbook. I just knew that you'd know how to do that. How did you learn?? I seriously have tons of stuff to start but no clue where to begin.
Maybe I'll mail it all to you and you can mail me your kiddos for the week?!?

Tiffany said...

LOL. That is the funniest trade I have heard. "Mail me your kiddos." I love it. Our two oldest would probably kiss your boys' cheeks right off. I started about 4 years ago on our "wedding album." Since then Jaclyn has 2 OVERSTUFFED books, Oli has a pitiful little 10 page book and the girls each have a book with 2 pages in each. I'm getting back into the hang of it now that we are getting things under control with "all the children."

All you need is a tape roller, a paper cutter, coordinating papers, an album, and some pictures. Start there.

Leslie said...

You need so much more than that!! A touch of creativity is a must. I even have scrapbooking for dummies and I'm too lacking (I hate to use the word dumb when refering to myself) to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

That was my first love, too. Or was it m&ms? Oh, regardless, I never got as good as you. The pages look delightful! I love "real" art and I love the art of blogging, too. So nice that we can have our cake (or m&ms) and eat it too!