Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday

  1. The MOP that wiped up a dropped bowl of KIX and a sippy cup of cranberry juice that hadn't met its lid yet.
  2. The TOWEL that dried a very wet bathroom floor from 2 rambunctious bathers.
  3. The RAG that cleaned up 2 milk spills at lunch.
  4. The PLUNGER that unplugged 2 of our 3 toilets today.
  5. The WASHING MACHINE that cleaned a very wet crib sheet from 2 overloaded night time diapers.
  6. The KLEENEX that has wiped many drippy noses.

and most importantly...

7. My WONDERFULLY PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING HUSBAND who loves me unconditionally even after hearing about my cell phone (3rd one in less than a year) that vibrated off the kitchen window sill into the sink full of suds.

I wonder what this afternoon has in store for us.


Ehlan said...

Oh boy! Prayers of peace for this afternoon!!

Stacey said...

Oh Tiff.
I'm feeling for you. And NOT THE PHONE AGAIN!! you poor mommy. Wanna take a car load of kids to Luverne (drop them off ) and head to Sioux Falls and shop with me? Oh the kids will all be under Tom's control. I'm sure he'll be fine! And I'm sure he's up for the challange!

Shelly said...

Oh no Tiff, 3rd cell phone huh? I'm on my second since a sippy cup that came loose in my purse drenched it. Didn't find it unitl hours of the cell phone 'bathing.'
Whens this shopping date. Whats one more for Tom when he already has 5, right?? :)

Stephanie Balvin said...

Can I bring my 3 too!? Just kidding, I don't know Tom! Tiff I am soo feeling your pain with the cell phone! I think I went through 4 in one year because my kids gave it bath, a swim in the pool, and flush down the toilet. And one dropped and broke in half. These are the days when you need to drop to your knees and tell Jesus he's in charge!

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother! Sorry about the toilets and all the messes! And your phone! My husband has a penchant for dropping his phones in water (toilet, river, lake, cup of water in his truck) but he's never done sudsy sink! Ooh, it vibrated in. Well, at least it didn't wake a sleeping baby! Speaking of, do your twins sleep in the same crib, then?

Tiffany said...

The girls do share a crib. Their college roommates are going to love their ability to sleep through anything, too. I really don't see us splitting them up anytime soon. They love eachother. Maybe we'll just go straight to a double bed after cribs.