Thursday, December 27, 2007

Laugh Cackle Giggle

As a Christmas gift, my Marvelous husband got us a night out on the town, babysitter in all. It included laughing and dinner. For those of you mommys out there, you know that in itself is like Santa leaving a winning lotto ticket in your stocking.

But wait, it gets even better! He got us tickets to the "sold out" presentation of last season's Last Comic Standing winner-Josh Blue.

Somehow we got hooked on that show last year and watched it to the end when we were cheering for Blue.

After a night full of belly laughs we were able to meet Josh and shake hands.

After researching "Laughter" I found this. I'm sure you remember hearing that "Laughter is the Best Medicine." We've all been taught that...but laughter REALLY has enormous amounts of health benefits.

Check this.
A study done in Japan found that laughter helps regulate gene expression to help control type II Diabetes.
And, studies also suggest that laughter positively affects rheumatoid arthritis.
AND, perhaps the biggest discovery is that laughter is now being proven to alleviate some of the lasting effects of heart attacks such as less medication and fewer repeat attacks with humor therapy of just thirty minutes per day.

God knows what he's talking about when he says, "be joyful."


Leslie said...

What a great hubs you've got. That sounds like such a perfect date. My husband and I LOVED that show too - although Lavell was my least fav.
Anyway so fun. How are the kiddos doing? I hope on the road to recovery!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! How fun!!!! Do your tummy muscles hurt now?

Stephanie Balvin said...

I think your husband should start blogging or write a book for the rest of the husbands out there, it sounds like he has some great tips for men!