Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My husband is Mucho Marvelous

Yesterday was "My husband is Mucho Marvelous" Monday. Now, don't get me wrong, my husband is mucho marvelous every day, all day long, like yours I'm sure. Well...except on those days when he is slightly marvelous...without the mucho.

You know, like when we're in bed and he rolls over, pulling my covers out from being so neatly tucked in at my foot of the bed. Or, when he gets over zealous while filling the dishwasher, craming dishes above and beyond the load limit causing the "spinner thing" to never make a full turn the entire 2 hours and 18 minutes that it is running. Which leaves every dish in need of a second cycle. But that's not what I came to say. I came to you to talk about My Mucho Marvelous Husband.

Yesterday we had a big date. My mom came to watch the kids over night while we went out frolicking around like fools-in-love.

After a much needed marvelous 1-on-1 adult conversation during our drive to the cities that included how great he thought I was as a mother (go ahead, say it..."awwww.")...we walked around the MOA looking for a couple pre-Christmas gifts for ourselves. Oh I miss that place!!! And tell me the truth. How many of you out there have this same problem I have, which I NEVER had in college. Who feels like you would be ridding your family of bare necessities like food in their tummy if you bought YOURSELF something? I mean, a $20 dark olive vest is not a 4 letter word, right? Well, I have this problem with spending money on myself when I am by myself...BUT, if my husband is with and gives me the go-ahead...it's like Christmas morning. I love that he wanted to take me shopping. Isn't he so marvelous!

Then we met some friends of ours at a cute, overcrowded restaurant in Dinkytown for a little pregame supper before the "Goph's" kicked NDSU nearly back home. It was a marvelous yet bittersweet win for us 4 since we're all big fans of the Bison's starting point guard Ben Woodside who grew up in a neighboring town of ours.

All in all, the day was a blast. We felt like we were single again...married but pre-children that is. But ohhhh did it feel good to get home and check on 4 little pumpkins who were fast asleep, digging my nose in 4 little cheeks and giving 4 little good night kisses. Mmmmmmm!


Stephanie Balvin said...

I am VERY jealous! I can admit that.

Leslie said...

Yes I am very jealous too! I always dread my husband's Christmas parties but I am really looking forward to it tomorrow night. It won't compare at all to your date but ya get what you can take right?!?