Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our Little Snow Bunny

Since Mitch and I have been married we've shared the love of downhill skiing together....well, when I wasn't pregnant we went together. Which now that I think of it has only been 2 winters of our 4 years together. And, ever since J was born we have longed for the day we could take our children skiing with us.

Today was that day!

With size 3 Spyder socks, toe clips and a youth ski harness in hand, J and daddy hit the slopes. I wanted to go soooo bad, but didn't think the chalet would be a toddler/infant-friendly place for 4 hours. We didn't really know what to expect...and both knew that no expectations going into it would be the best. Well, she had a blast and wants to go back. Yea!

(She was "out" 2 minutes into the ride home while holding a half eaten granola bar in one hand.)


Leslie said...

My husband would be SO JEALOUS! He asked me during lunch today if I was sad we didn't live somewhere really cold where we could ski, make a snowman, etc. I'll have to show him these pictures. Looks cold but very fun!

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

Z would so love to go ski. To bad Mommy wouldn't, I guess I am still a So Cal girl. Maybe daddy will take him.

Rachel said...

So impressive and inspiring. What a great father/daughter outing! I grew up the desert, so I had no idea that children could ski so young! We've got to try this too.