Monday, December 10, 2007

Mucho Marvelous Yet Again.....

(Written by the Mucho Macho..I mean, Marvelous himself.)
Rarely will I post on this thing people call a "blog"...with make believe friends. (If you can't grill and ski with them, then they are not real.) But today is a special occasion. I am officially into the Fantasy Football semi-finals. The 124 points scored this week is an all-time high for our league and I now have a man-crush on Tom Brady. I won't say how much money I will be awarded because it doesn't matter. I do it for the love of the game. I love a few things outside of Jesus and family. Fantasy Football is one of them....and my wife knows this. Every Sunday after church she tries to let me watch football...but by the end of the second game she ever-so-gently tells me all she has done for me and what I NOW NEED to do for her. I love her!

(updated on Monday at 3:07p. To all my REAL blogging friends-With you, my days amongst little people are a tad bit spicier. I guess my husband doesn't understand the "quiet ramblings of the mind," yet. But he does know who the Blockbuster football players are. Booyah!)


Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I will remember to not invite Mucho Macho to my house for grilling. You and the kids can come though! Well, I guess he can come too.

Anonymous said...

Very Mucho Macho to be able to admit a man-crush! You should post more often, you might get hooked! By the way, I am so not make believe, but I'll forgive you for saying that. This time.

(So glad we can make your days "spicier" Tiff...super word, BTW.)

Grace said...

Too funny!

My husband loves Fantasy Football and Sunday football, oh, and Monday night, too.