Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday

  1. The beauty of a serious downpouring of snow
  2. Heated Seats
  3. My MOPs girls
  4. In knowing that there will be a day when someone will want to watch all 4 of our children at the same time
  5. Balmex
  6. Rocking chairs and snuggly babies
  7. That Jaclyn and Oliver love to play together every minute they can
  8. A good haircut
  9. Christmas choirs
  10. My hard-shoveling husband


Grace said...

Those are great! Cute post!

Shelly said...

I love my MOPs girls too!! This morning was great!!

Shelly said...

I checked out and it looks like fun! The only problem is that were 'shacking' it up with the in-laws while trying to sell our house. I don't really have a house to decorate and post. :( are you going to participate??

Shelly said...

I was going to ask, you had blogged about making curtains for your scrapbook room. How fun!! I didn't realize you scrapd'. My dream is to have a "scrapbook" room in the new house we buy. Do you get much time to enjoy it? I find it hard to find time, although I still buy fun things like I do it all the time. :) what are you working on now?

Stacey said...

Ok so the day is here (if I was near) for # 4 on your list. I would love to watch aLL 4 of your kids AT once! Love love love to!

I love to hear that J and O love to play together. You blog about it a lot. It's cool cuz they are boy and girl. Love it.
Miss you tiff. :(

Stacey said...

ok so I already typed a comment on here but where is it?
So I was saying that # 4 on your list would be checked off---if I were near, I would love to watch all 4 of your kids--at once!!