Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There are No Monsters in Your Room

This is what I woke to at 5 this morning.

(The sound of a humungo elephant J running across our wooden floors to our room as she burst into tears.)
Daddy: "J, Jwhat's wrong?"
J:"There's a monster shaking my bed."
Daddy: "J, honey, there are no such thing as monsters."
J(sobbing): "Yes there are, I just felt it shaking my bed."
Daddy: "No, there are no monsters anywhere, God never made monsters."
J: "He didn't?"
Daddy: "I think what you heard is that [darn] squirrel that thinks it can live in our attic. Remember? I heard it run across the roof last night when I kissed you goodnight."
J: "Oh yea."

After snuggling with daddy, because he is the best snuggler, maybe because Mommy gives a kiss and makes her go right back up to bed so we can both get quality sleep eliminating a heel in my back a sleepless rest of the night, daddy says this...

Daddy: "Ok, go back up to your bed, hon. I'll see you in the morning."

A couple hours later as J and I were feeding the babies their bottles in my bed I asked this...
"J why did you think there was a monster in your room? God never made monsters, remember, they are are just pretend."

J: "But I want God to make monsters so that mean animals [tigers & lions] can eat them so their tummies won't be hungry."

(This comment might have something to do with the Let's-Talk-About-What-Mean-Animals-Eat" conversation we had a couple of days ago. Although, monsters were never mentioned.


Melanie, Who am I ? said...

Oh why do they get so fixated on monsters? Z insists that he has monsters in his room, we remind him that monsters are pretend, but never thought to say that God didn't make any. I like that. He has toy drawers in his room so sometimes he is silly and says that Sulley or Mike (McDonalds toys) from Monsters Inc are in there. I knew we shouldn't have let him watch that movie. Oh and NO A isn't even close to running, I refuse to even think that!

Melissa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I have too stalked yours for a while and it is good to finally comment. Your babies are precious and I can't IMAGINE having two on top of my two! You are my hero!

Leslie said...

Second the hero comment from Melissa! And such a cute story. I have so much to look forward to.

Ehlan said...

That is so funny!