Friday, December 21, 2007

Project Manager Mommy

I mopped today.

This wasn't like yesterday's mop, where I merely mopped the perimeter of the KIX spill, this was the "seriously-nitty-gritty-sweep" first, after pulling the table and all the chairs out...along with "shaking the rugs," followed by "filling the sink with suds" (scary, I know) and using a little "elbow grease" enabling me to get even the corners to sparkle.

I'm not telling you this to brag, because if you remember I don't mop often...
(Which reminds me, I don't think I clearly clarified my whole mopping situation. You see, I LOVE to mop...along with vacuuming. I just don't do it as often since the twins were born. But, this love for it, I think it has something to do with the process and the finished product. There's something that makes my heart sing about seeing a freshly vacuumed floor with perfectly drawn lines from the wheels along with a shiny kitchen floor (shiny as NOT in ketchup splats and dried shredded mozzarella).

Anyways, I'm telling you this as a precursor for my morning events.

I chuckle as I gather my "keys" to explain this. "Chuckle" because the longer I sit here the crazier I think I am, and the faster my leg is bouncing under this desk..for using this precious time to post instead of doing all that needs to be done before my in-laws are here. This was a change in plans, Christmas was to be at their house tomorrow, but because of the weather, it is now, and tomorrow.

You see, when Mitch's alarm went off at 6 this morning and he wasn't in our room, he had moved to the chair in the livingroom somewhere during the wee hours because he couldn't sleep. I rolled over to shut it off but was left wide-eyed. So after getting ready for the day, getting the babies their bottles, the "big kids" their scrambled eggs, followed by the babies their rice cereal (I haven't shared with you that we started that...I'll post about that later, it's going well.) our first scheduled appointment showed up.

We had the water softener replaced. YEA!!! So as I am walking the man down to his appointed room, introducing myself, and telling him to just hollar if he needs me, our next appointment showed up.

We had our in-wall oven and micro pulled out a couple of days ago and our handy man, Gary, came to cut out a slightly bigger space for the new. As I am talking to him, in walks another "appointment." The crew that was to install the new stuff was here. (What better time to have it done then the days before Christmas, right?)

So as I'm answering questions and directing here and there, I'm holding two babies in my arms, trying to keep Jaclyn from asking each visitor 101 questions while they try to get their work done, and holding Oli back with my leg so he doesn't walk through the many piles of sawdust that are now accumulating on my kitchen was then, that very moment, that I imagined this spotlight of some-sort that started shining down on me as if I was this wonderful "Project Manager Mommy."

So THAT my friends, is why I mopped today. Right after I wiped down the cupboards, countertops, and swept, I MOPPED the many snowy, wet "Big-Man-Shoe-Prints" right out of my house.


Ehlan said...

I seriously don't know how you do it. Just remember every day that you are amazing!!

Leslie said...

Ok so I need a nap after just reading that post. Surely you aren't doing the majority of the christmas cooking this year?? Good luck!!

Tara said...

Okay, I'll even watch your four beautiful babies if you'll come over and mop for me. I hate mopping!!! And I have all linoleum and "hardwood" floors. Come on over!!!