Monday, May 5, 2008


Ohhh. See! The weather warms up and we're back into last year's routine of packing a lunch, running a few errands, and stopping at the park to play the morning away. And although we have 43 lbs of extra baby and a few more diapers joining us, look how easy it is!

See, easy, easy, easy. Each specially wrapped PB&J was gobbled down along side a single baby carrot, pickle, some apple slices, and Monterey Cheese. Minus a few jelly handprints atop my shoulder from the unrestrained 2yearold, such a snap of easyful easyness.

Both children forgot about how easy it is to want what the other has--just because... and they played together pleasantly. How easy! Let me just lay* back on my fuzzy blanket, start brainstorming my 'to do list, and bask in the easyness of it all.

That is...until I realized how uneasy it makes me feel when my explorative 10montholds shove chunks of wood chips in their mouths.

..and how uneasy it is to keep two busy bodies from shoving everything they touch--in their mouths. But really. How can anything be anything but easy when you're enjoying sunshine and 65 degree weather at the park?

*kidding. Do you actually think I'm able to take my eyes off of our 4under3 for more than 2 seconds at a time?


Amy said...

Sounds like your day was as 'easy' as mine.

Stacey said...

Crunch Crunch of the wood chips--I love it. Is that the same park we played at with you?? I feel it is! Today was a great day. Many walks had by us and of course a park visit this a.m.

Lisa H said...

I love how many times you used the word "easy." Cracks me up. And it's definitely the first word that comes to mind when I think of you taking your four under three to the park! HA!

Love the pictures of your girls with wood chips in their mouths--reminds me a little of my life. My 9 month old also shoves everything in sight into her mouth. In fact, yesterday we were waiting in the pediatricians office and my squirmy baby wanted to hang out on the (filthy) floor. I put a blanket down and plopped her down. TWO SECONDS LATER she had found a rounded piece of brightly colored plastic and crammed it in her mouth and started gagging. Sheesh. At least we were at the doctor's office!

(Sorry for the long comment!)

Ehlan said...

Ah yes, wood chips. Olivia's favorite is acorns. :) I'm loving being outside too!

Amanda said...

That is too cute! Everything about this post. From your perfectly wrapped PB&J to your adorable 10montholds sticking woodchips in their little mouths. Look at the last picture...One of your little girls (not sure which one, for obvious reasons) is in the background sneekily sticking something in her mouth, and looking back to see if YOU'RE watching! Ha!

Leslie said...

I am SO IMPRESSED! I wait until the weekends to venture out alone to the park without hubs. I need some of your confidence!!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Saw the newer post earlier, but not this one until now. Funny that we both posted about park experiences. But, since my baby is not mobile or able to chew woodchips yet, my parking still is easy. Here's hoping they figure park life out soon so you can lay back on your fuzzy blanket with me!