Friday, May 30, 2008

When I'm not with you all.

('Cuz I know you'll ask if I leave you with a WW photo until next Monday.)

Some things I might be doing if I'm NOT blogging.
1. Chasing after this little one...and her sister. I figure, if you can't beat 'em--join 'em. This is now Norah & Hazel's secret spot in the kitchen.

2. Sweeping and Mopping my entire main floor. I really should do that more often. Ahh, the power of Pine Sol.

3. Looking at the 4 loads of laundry sitting, unfolded, in baskets on my bedroom floor.

4. Watching these two sleep peacefully together. Last night during my nightly ritual, I decided to leave these little cuddle bugs alone in their cribs and instead watch quietly from above.
5. Playing Dora's CandyLand with Julia and Luke.

6. Planning Norah & Hazel's 1st Birthday Party--Carnival Style.

7. Moping around at the fact that next year we'll be buying 5T clothing for Julia. 4T I can handle, but NOT 5T. I thought I would maybe refuse when the time comes. That's realistic.

8. Doctoring my sick husband Diverting the children from my at-home-sick-and-sleeping husband. He's tip-tip now though.

9. Enjoying my SIL's wedding this weekend.

10. Chatting with people from our block. Sunday, our cul du sac is being blocked off for the 3 high school graduates that are having their Graduation parties.

Now let me do the asking...


Carrie B said...

I've been visiting for a few months. And yes, I am Brenton's sister :) I was drawn to your site because I babysat 4 kids under 3 - twin girls too! (Who are now finishing kindergarten!)

Your little ones are so cute - I asked Stephanie where you lived - hoping you might need a babysitter :)

gina said...

Hey! We have Dora's candyland!