Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The result of being cameraless

Since today is Wednesday,


is where my "Wordless Wednesday" photo should be. That is, if I had one. But you see, I've been slacking on my photo sessions with the children, so I really have no saved, up-to-date pictures of the little ones.

But, even if I wanted to snap a quick pic of Norah and Hazel splashing in the toilet while they waited their turn to be tucked in bed for naps moments ago, or the side view of all 4 children loving the swings at the park yesterday, or even random shots of my still, unknown plants* that I transplanted into their final containers today....ahh, I wouldn't be able to.

You see, I borrowed my camera to my FIL last week allowing him to photograph the fabulous, so I've heard, Naples, Fl for the next two weeks. It's funny. For a guy who has nearly everything, he sure doesn't have a camera. Mental note--FIL needs camera for Christmas Father's Day. Anyways, if he dares to bring that camera back to me with nothing but sun drenched palm trees, white capped waves, and warm looking sand again--there will be trouble.! And really, my bark does tend to be louder than my bite, and honestly, I am quite curious to see if the Naples photographer that he picks out this time 'round is as good as last time 'round.

See! Sand! Do you see it? And a little--well, it looks like waves in the background, just to the right of Mr. Marvelous' elbow and then under my FIL's armpit. I mean, you would think that there are waves somewhere beyond sand, right?

And then there's this picture of them enjoying more sun:

Gross, right? ahh.

What? You see no problem with this shot? Well, let me zoom out a bit, and believe me I'm embarrased to do so.

Oh the humor. Isn't that. so. funny. (that said in the most monotonous way imagined)

Maybe I'll hope for sand, sun, and waves after all.

*please brush up on your plantology, pictures of unknown plants to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

Oohh, hahhaah. The empty black space for WW cracked me up! But being cameraless: that is NOT funny. Working on plantology as we speak...

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I have an extra camera sitting here. Not as small as you have, but it is digital. I'm just saying if you are going through withdrawls and all you are welcome to borrow it.

Anonymous said...

Who is that MAN in your blog? He appears older than 3 years old!!!! Gregg