Thursday, May 1, 2008's a wonderful day.

Yeah! I'd say each day gets easier and easier for our family of 6. Like today. It ran much smoother than, say, a day 2 weeks after the twins were born. But occasionally, we have our bumps in the road. Like yesterday!

Now that I'm trying to think back at what exactly made the bumps in the road, I can't remember, but I do know that come 7 o'clock, I was ready to tuck everyone in tightly and throw myself on the couch, or better yet in bed.

Oh yes!
Now I remember one bump. The little girls have colds. The kind where if you miss a wipe for 10 little minutes, the unwiped has made its way to their chin. This didn't seem to bother Hazel, but Norah verymuchso. This little cold kept my fabulous sleeper from her first love---sleep. I knew right away when she woke half way through her 2 hour afternoon nap that something was very wrong. And since she had been pulling on her ear all day, I was sure what it was. Seven o'clock came along and I figured she would be reaching for her crib. And she did, until she was laid down in it. While Hazel drifted off quickly and quietly, Norah did the opposite.

Now you have to understand the twins. In the arena of sleeping, they've followed in their siblings footsteps. When they turned 2 months old, they were taught that their crib was their friend and they'd be seeing it on a regularly scheduled basis. It took almost a month, but since then they go down willingly and wantingly. (I love making up my own words on my blog.) So when Norah put up a fight against this cozy favorite of hers, I figured she was in pain. Ahhhh. Not the Urgent Care!

To make a long story...shorter, I took little "Norie" across town, waited for an hour in the waiting room, got skipped over accidentally, waited another 15 minutes, was called back to a tiny, uninteresting, quiet, boring room, and waited another 45 minutes to actually see the doctor.
All the while I was praying God would sugarcoat my facial expressions, and blow sweet, understanding phrases out of my mouth when conversing with the staff there. A double dose of patience would have been nice, too, since I unfortunately don't have much of it when it comes to messing with my 7 o'clock-10 o'clock unwind/rejuvinate/refresh/pump me up for the next day/do what I want to do...block of time.

Then, a wonderfully compassion doctor opened our door to see us. What a honey he was. So gentle with Norah. So calm and collected. He checked her over and said what I thought only was said in dreams. Bad dreams. "Her ears are fine. She just has a cold. This is the worst of it, so expect it to be better soon." Ahhh. Ahhhh. It's 10 o'clock and we waited over 2 hours for a 2 minute visit with the doctor???

We packed up and headed home. Norah was such a little trooper. She did a great job putting on her happy face 3 hours past her bedtime. I on the other hand needed a little pursuading. Which is just what I got when we walked in and I found this waiting for me on the kitchen table.

Almost instantly, my impatience vanished, my irritability departed, and I was thinking, "What a great day!"


Ehlan said...

That card is so precious! What does it say you were playing--charts? I don't know what that is, if that is what it says!!

I hope the twins, esp. Norah, is doing better today!!

Tiffany said...

I feel there's a need to explain. Julia wanted daddy to write, "Thank you for playing charts." "Charts" are what this little newly turned 3.5 year old thinks "crafts" are. Why she thinks we "play" crafts is unknown to me, but she obviously loves them regardless.

And, no, she isn't skipping off to 3rd grade next year. She doesn't write full words by herself yet, except for her name. Her daddy writes what she wants to say on a separate sheet, and she copies them word-for-word.

And how can you not smile at that "E?"

Anonymous said...

Awww, the things we do for our kids. I, too, would have been frustrated...staying up past a kiddo's bedtime and spending two hours to learn nothing. But, you gotta do what you gotta do and I hope she is feeling, and sleeping, better soon.

Do you really call her "Norie"? Because that has got to be one of the cutest things I have heard today.

Okay, Julia's writing!?!?! I don't care if she "copied" it or not, that is nothing short of PHENOMENAL!!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

This is so adorable. That is one to keep for many years!

Lisa H said...

It's amazing how such a little thing can turn a whole day around! So sweet of your little Julia, but also your wonderful husband--who surely knew that you needed that little pick-me-up!

Praying your weekend goes better and your little one's colds go away!