Friday, May 9, 2008

Today I:

Didn't make my bed. Ahh, Yuck!

Went to 3 garage sales. One of which I found Dumb & Dumber on DVD for 50 cents. Bonus!!

Opened the bag of Peanut Butter M&M's that's supposed to be for the girls' dedication party on Sunday...and I ate way to many.

Found myself wondering what percentage of organic eaters are smokers. Hmmm..that'd be interesting.

Sent 2 pieces of fun mail. (Well, Luke opened the mailbox, Julia put them in, and Luke closed it. So, I didn't really do anything--except chaperone.)

Maaaaajorly overcooked the kids' Mac-n-Cheese noodles for lunch. They didn't seem to care one bit.

Ate my leftover Chickpea Curry for lunch.

Realized that Luke's never had a Canker sore before today. I hope he never gets one again.

Laughed myself to tears while watching Norah and Hazel giggle uncontrollably in their park swings.

Folded a load of clothes in the kids' bathroom while the little girls splashed around in the tub.

Examined my husband's hard work ethics as he wheelbarrowed 56,000 trips of river rock to the space below our deck.

Tried hard not to show that I really did feel bad about filling up a box of the toys from Julia bedroom floor, stowing them in the front closet on the top shelf, and reminding her that what she plays with isn't my responsibility to clean up before bed.

And, loved standing back and watching how much fun Luke has when he is granted the ok to climb the stepstool to the kitchen sink, turn the water on, suds his hands, scrub his fingers and face, rinse and dry himself ALL BY HIMSELF. "I do it! I do it!" he says.

What'd you do today?


Lisa H said...

Instead of going to garage sales today, I hosted one! :)

And I didn't make my bed either.

I'm also packing for a, fun, fun!

Angela said...

That was so fun to read!

I didn't do much today because a) it's been raining all day and b) I am stuck wearing my hideous glasses until my pink eye is completely gone (lovely... in both eyes).

However, I did send my hubby to the store to by ingredients for homemade pizza- which, I did "do"... and, as a matter of fact- it is ready NOW so off I go to eat it!

Amy said...

Here's what I did that was similar to you:
-Went to a few garage sales (didn't find Dumb & Dumber (which we already own), but did find a Bob Marley boxed set for hot hubby)
-Folded clothes
-Laughed myself to tears
-Followed through with discipline
-Gave a bath
We have great lives!!

Happy Momma's Day to a wonderful Momma!!