Thursday, May 1, 2008

Neck and Neck

When the girls first learned of their ability to mobulate in the crawling position, they both went their separate ways. The reason being is that the minute you put Hazel* down she was off beelining it to the farthest corner she could find, while Norah* normally ventured only a few short feet from us. That's where she would decide to sit back up and just enjoy the show. But how could you blame the girl? Carrying 2 whole, extra, pounds is a lot of work.

However, now we're finding that wherever one is, the other is also. Norah has moved her speed up a few notches allowing her to, literally, hold her own weight a little better. Here...some examples. If we're playing in the loft (which is where the above picture was taken) and the kids' bathroom door is open, the little girls' faces light up with glee as they kick it into high gear in hopes of reaching the toilet before I notice. If they're not playing in the bathroom, they're following eachother around from room to room. If we're in the kitchen, they follow eachother around the island like a little mini, 2-person marching band. Their favorite spot to stand is at the windows while staring out at the flapping umbrella on our deck. And, if we're in our bedroom, they're both shoulder-to-shoulder pulling toiletry items out of daddy's bathroom drawers. I do love watching them interact, which is becoming more and more often. Lately they have been squaking at eachother when they are face to face.
To have a built in highchairmate, tubmate, cribmate, strollermate, not to mention a playmate from day one....what in the world would that feel like?
*Hazel on left, Norah on right. How many of you knew that?


Amy said...

They're so sweet... I think that's what so neat about twins.
You are so blessed to have 2 girls who will grow up BFF. :)

Lisa H said...

I definitely did NOT know which was which....haven't been reading nearly long enough!

I really think it must be great to have a friend around ALL THE TIME. Those little girls are very blessed!

My husband's brothers are twins. And his sister has twin daughters too (they're aroun 12 or so). They have such intersting relationships--it is incredible to see twins in action! :)

Ehlan said...

Uh, no way I could have known which was which! But they sure are precious!