Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pardon the Interruption

"Darn you Chocolate Cake!"

That's what I kept saying during each of my encounters with my Mother-in-law's Chocolate Layered Masterpiece these past two days. She iced it with a bubblegum shade of pink cream frosting and sprinkled it with light coconut flakes, then brought it over here for our niece's 4th Birthday Bash that we hosted yesterday.
The problem--it was much more than we needed, and then it was left on our counter after the party ended and people cleared out. Gaaa! So not only did I invite myself into its presence unannounced just before bed last night, I did so this morning, minutes after I lifted my head from my pillow (what?), then quickly before our families filed into our house for the twins' Dedication Party after church let out. Wait! Not to forget the piece I snuck in place of the Carrot Cake served to our 26 guests for dessert today, AND the piece I shared with the friends who happened to stop by this evening for a quick chat. No lie people, I have a serious problem!

I don't even like Chocolate Cake.
Or so, that's what I thought. Honestly, I thought I preferred more of the Plain White Cake with, possibly, a raspberry curd filling. Or maybe, a mouthwatering, feather-light Sweet Lemon Mousse. My head usually never turns when chocolate and cake are mentioned in the same sentence. But, obviously Norah and Hazel tweaked a little something during the 37 weeks they were bakin' in there causing my baked good preference to go haywire for the Dark Beauty of cakes.

And to think there's no point to this post. I don't really have much to say, or more appropriately the energy to say it . Because I'll be honest..and you know I will be, we've been going in 4-wheel-drive since Saturday morning. We enjoyed a visit yesterday morning from a friend from the city, followed by the Birthday party in the afternoon, followed by overnight guests, followed by the dedication of Norah and Hazel, followed by an even bigger bash back at our house again, followed by a quick play at the park to distract the big kids from realizing how tired they truly were due to no afternoon naps, and finally followed by a surprise visit from friends and their 2 young children this evening. (Thankfully we put the children to bed at 6:30 and they are nonethewiser of our vistors.)

So, pardon this interruption. Go on with your activities, as I will too.

...Eating Chocolate Cake that is.


Amy said...

Sounds like me & the brownies that were laying around here.

What a cute cake tho! And apparently is just as tasty.

Congrats & God bless to the twins who were dedicated back to God yesterday! Those always make me cry!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! PTI is my favorite show! I love you deary.

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I am a chocolate cake lover but really anything sweet will do. I too have a serious problem. :)
Congrats on the dedication. What a special time for your whole family.

Shelly said...

glad you liked the prayer list,... they have a good monthly devotional from that same website. it is sent to you for a "donation". depending on our finances, they get a different amount each year, but I do like it a lot. if you're in need of something like that, check it out.

Angela said...

Chocolate cake is my absolute FAVORITE! Actually- chocolate "anything" is my favorite. I am a total chocoholic.

Don't feel bad about indulging in the cake... we all do this!! Trust, me- it's not just one little bite of chocolate bar that I eat each night... no... I have to stock up because they go quick!

Lisa said...

That looks good. I love anything chocolate. When my little boy had his last birthday, we got a huge ugly Go Diego Go cake and it was out of this world. I ate most of it myself and I finally had to cut it up an freeze it to get it away from me and also no one could tell how much I ate myself.