Friday, November 21, 2008

Can I sit on the ballerina's lap instead of Santa's?

Halfway through the play that the Children's Dance Theatre put on this morning, Julia turned around and whispered quietly in my ear. "I love this Mommy!"

And I did too.

I was out on a special morning date with my firstborn, she was sitting on my lap holding my hands, I was breathing in her sweet 4 year old smell alongside one of her pigtails and we were watching The Polar Express together in an auditorium filled with children.

"Thank you for bringing me," she whispered again, with a honey-of-a-smile.

Ah. I could have melted. I mean, I know I melted. And, I'm sure I've said that 3 year olds are the most fun--and I bet before that I declared twos to be the best--but I take it back. The fours are so fantastic!

It's a good thing that I decided to make this to keep track of all these wonderful memories:

It's the memory journal I made for her. Soon, "Julia" will adorn the front in the most perfect font. It's here where I started writing her letters about my thoughts, perspectives, and feelings of a day in the life of Julia's Mommy.

Before naps are over, I'm going to write about the mini-sermon she gave in the car on the way home. And how she much rather preferred hugging one of the little ballerinas that was dressed in a white tutu...over Santa Claus.


rachael said...

oh, what a sweet morning with your 4 year old! sounds like there were some great memories made today, to share for a lifetime between mommy and daughter :)

love the journal!

Nicole Van Patten said...

what did you make this out of?
I was just about to go out and find some journals for my kiddos for all their "fun things".
-Nicole VP

Anonymous said...

Aww that's so sweet!! And the journal is gorgeous!

gina said...

Oh so sweet and what a fabulous gift, not just to her but to generations to come!

Lorie said...

Ahhhh....I love this story!

t h a i t r a i t said...

I've just melted into a puddle because that is TOO sweet.

And, I love your book. Nifty!

Have fun retreating tonight.

caeb said...

What sweet memories. I am 20, and I still remember those special trips with my mom. I love the journal idea!

Stephanie said...

How cute!!! I try to find the time to journal and scrapbook but I just can't do it now. By the time I get everything out they are up or crying...guess bloggings it for me right now :)

Anonymous said...

AHHH! I recall Juju's mommy saying similar thank you's on our special mommy/daughter outings.

Kristin said...

Oh, that is too cute. I used to keep a journal for my first-born, but when he was three and my second son was born, that went out the window. I didn't think I could manage doing two, and I had written very specific things for my first son, so I didn't want to combine them. Do you keep a journal for all four of your children? Or is it just a special gift for Julia? I think it is awesome that you take the time to do that and blog (which is definitely a journal of sorts, too) even if I do feel a bit guilty for not keeping up with mine. :)

P.S. I hope you got my email. Thanks again! We have listened to the whole CD now and we all love it! :)