Monday, November 3, 2008

If you give a pig a pancake...

...or better yet, if you give an on-the-go, mama-of-4 her car back, she'll get all excited and want to go somewhere. Anywhere! Then she'll remember it's Monday and that means preschool for Julia.

She'll load everyone in her car--the car that has a new tire--and drive across town to drop off her preschooler.

As she's paying very close attention maneuvering in the parking lot, she'll notice her precious cargo staring back at her in her rearview mirror.

She'll probably get a crazy idea to go buy fabric to make dresses for two of them, so she'll head to her favorite crafty store.

On their way back to her car--the car with the new tire--she'll praise her 3 little ones for excellent behavior in her favorite crafty store, then she'll notice what a glorious day it is.

She'll surprise her children with a trip to their favorite park.

With a packed lunch in tow, she'll probably suggest a nature walk. As she kicks her heels up, down this path with her children:

...she'll want to stop along side the trail and roll in the fallen leaves.

While fooling around on the ground she'll want to snap a picture of her little guy being silly:

and then of being sweet:

Being sweet will remind her of these two little ones, whose legs were getting a little tired from their walk:

When she asks the little girls if they'd "like a ride in the stroller," she'll remember that she does in fact, have her own ride now, and it's waiting at the end of their adventure.

And chances are, if she has a car...

...she's going to want to go somewhere...else!


l e a h said...

Cuties in the park!

Need somewhere else to go, huh. I hear the Pacific Northwest is nice this time of year. *wink*

We even have some play structures nearby.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute! I love these books and I think your post was just great And the cuties are always adorable.

Lisa H said...

Could your kids be any cuter? Seriously. Love the pictures!

And I'm so glad that you have your car back! As a stay-at-home mom myself (who prefers to be on the go) I can imagine you were going a little stir crazy this last week!

Have fun going....wherever! :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

So glad you have your car back. I prefer my home and it's surroundings so I can't relate but I know when I have to be on the go a lot I go a little crazy myself. Hoping you are feeling better and have somewhere to go tomorrow. Maybe a playdate in the cities?? :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my! I just found your site and am beside myself. You are busy! Your children are so sweet! I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I've made those yummy pumpkin pie pops!!! Oh they are like Heaven in your mouth but Tiramisu pops are even better;)

Sarah said...

Cute parallel to a cute book!

Kristi said...

SO creatively written! I loved it...and the adorable pictures too!

jack and kaylie daily said...

Your sooo Creative, LOVE it!!!

gina said...

GREAT post! there is always a super creative, something fun fun to read here. :)

Adorable kidlets- great pics!