Thursday, November 27, 2008

If you were a fly on our windshield

If you were a fly on our windshield on the way to Thanksgiving today, this is what you would've seen. Well, this and a floor full of things meant to pacify those two dollies in red. They're tricky little buggers, that's for sure. One day sippy cups, mascara tubes, straws and books do the trick. Other days it's to the floor they fall.

And then when there seems to be nothing left to try and I'm really desperate to soothe the disheartened ones, I flip down that dvd screen you see up there--the one that we've never, ever, not once put to use, maybe now is the time--and narrarate a fingerplay of the scene in Nemo when Dory goes dillusional because Martin is following her. You know the one.

The little ones love it. For two seconds.

Then it's back to tugging at their straps in hopes of breaking free.


But, Mr. Marvelous said it perfect this morning--on our way to his aunt's on his mom's side of the family--"There's this funny thing about being a parent. Even when you think you are entirely beyond annoyed with something, after it's all over you completely forget about it."

And it's true. Even though I about pulled each hair out of my head during our time in the car today--which by the way is growing back in rather nicely now--just thinking about those two little muchkins makes me want to go crawl in bed with them.

Which is very possible these days. In fact, I have crawled in bed with them a few times now. More on their new sleeping arrangement is forthcoming.


Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Oh been there done that (but with 1 & 2). It is funny though he's very true about forgetting.

Lisa H said...

Your hair looks great in the picture--I'm still so curious what that bad haircut must have looked like because you always look so cute on here!

Can't wait to hear about the new sleeping arrangements! Did the girls move to beds? I'm not sure I'm ready for that! ;)

Following Him said...

Look foward to hearing about the sleeping arrangements. Hope they were sweethearts today!!!

gina said...

Love the pic!! Too cute. :)

A big girls bed?!??

t h a i t r a i t said...

Your kids totally resemble your husband. I am amazed. And I like his perspective. I am taking know...just in case we start having 2017.

Love the green you're wearing! Is it a jacket?

4 Little Men and Twins said...

love that picture!


Sylvia said...

Please do tell about the girls' new sleeping arrangement. I'd love a picture to.

Stephanie said...

Very closely resembles the pic you would see in my car...minus one carseat for the older one that is :)