Thursday, November 6, 2008

Taking care of business.

I've reserved 4 tiny, little seconds to post while these babes nap this afternoon:

(L to R: Lukers, Hazey, Norie, & Juj)

So I'll be making this quick. I've got to take care of some business, so here it goes.

After hearing your countless cries for more info on my Exponent Shirt, I decided I'd give up my secret. I see that Robin--mother of twin girls also--was spot on with where you could purchase one just like mine. I--on the other hand--happened to snag my braggable-chic'ish-screen-printed-T over at Couture Moms 'round the start of summer. And I've got great news. I just clicked over to find that you could get your very own for nearly half price. Wahoo! It almost creates in me the urgency to add to our family, raise our exponential power, and buy another shirt.

Kidding! Kind of.

And don't fret my dear bloggy friends. My garlic cloves and organic, raw apple cider vinegar are simply creative attempts to ward away the bad bug that's been floating around our house. After googling home remedies for an ear infection, I found that infused minced garlic/garlic oil/cloves in the ears clear up the unwanted ick. If you try it, they say it's helpful to forewarn the people you come in contact with after the Garlic in Ears friends, Bible Study members, etc.

And that's all I got folks. Tonight I'm off to another class: The Power of a Plant-Based Cuisine. Tomorrow is the start of a fabulous Christian Mom's Retreat weekend. I can't wait!!

...'til next time.


Alicia O. & the gang said...

You are quite possibly crazy to put the garlic in your ears...well maybe!!! But on the ear angel baby who never fussed one bit had her 6 month check today and viola! She too has an ear infection..bad deal! I am not sure, however, if she would tolerate garlic in her ears or if it would be a good idea to feed her raw apple cider vinegar...a little harsh compared to her usual momma diet!
Hoping you have an amazing weekend away!~

Jess said...

How cute... I love the photo!!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Hope you're feeling better! Love the pic :)
Will be interesting to see if the garlic worked!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your retreat! Sounds fabulous! And thanks for the shirt tip. I'm going to go check it out. :)

Great picture of your cuties!

l e a h said...

Um, is it just me or are Hazey and Norie looking big and child-like (as opposed to baby-like) these days...especially in this picture? So grown up! All so cute. I want to come to the Nature Park with you still.

caeb said...

Cute picture!