Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Favorite Post-S

I almost twittered to you all after I [s]napped Luke into his carseat and proceeded to crawl into the truck this evening. We were off to little man's [s]wim lessons in 30 degree weather. The tweet would have went something like this.

"Why in the world did we pick November to start our 6 week stint of wet heads in freezing weather? Couldn't we have put our already fish-like son in gymnastics--or something--and gained just as much bonding time with him as we worked on his flexibility? I mean, flexibility! That would have at least helped him to reach his feet and put his socks on more effectively. And I'm pretty certain we both would leave the gym with dry hair."

But, all of that most definitely wouldn't have fit on that tiny little screen that Twitter gives us. So, the long-winded one that I am just kept those thoughts to my [s]hivering [s]elf.

However, on the flipside, Luke and I had great toddler conversation on our way to the swimming pool, I was so proud of my energetic [s]uper [s]wimmer while we were there, and I was reminded of how much I really do love watching his [s]mile appear when he asks, "Mommy, you swim wit me in dat pool?" and I assure him I will. So it ended up being a [s]pecial night with my little guy once again.

And rightfully so, as tonight's activities came to a close, I had [s]wimming and [s]hivering--along with Julia's plea to God to drop the right amount of [s]now tonight that would allow her to [s]ki tomorrow morning--on my mind. This gave rise to yet another Favorite Post-[S]. Right behind B and P.

So, [s]it back and enjoy the [s]how.

I'm [s]ure there's a favorite of yours [s]tuck in here [s]omewhere.

We'll start with [s]nowbunnies...especially this one from last year:
And, [s]now! [S]now that's made into [s]nowmen, [s]now that falls as [s]nowflakes, and [s]now that's piled [s]ix feet tall along the [s]ides of our driveway. I love [s]now!

And [s]wimming laps...especially when I've got a full hour entirely reserved for me and my goggles.

And [s]ewing, and [s]ailboats...which Mr. Marvelous reassures me we'll never own. For, I guess, the [s]tress of moving it down the river doesn't [s]ound enjoyable to him.

I love [s]tars...especially the ones I can see from the roof outside my old bedroom window on my parent's farm. I used to lay a blanket out on clear nights and try and imagine how big the [s]olar [s]ystem really is.

[S]kiing with Mr. Marvelous is a very favorite of mine. We've made week long [s]ki trips--the week after Christmas--an annual thing, and I look forward to it each year.

Then there's [s]nail mail, [s]crapbooking, [s]unshine through my bedroom window, [s]nuggling with our [s]ixteen month olds, [s]inging loudly in the car, [s]teamy hot [s]howers, [s]urprises, and p[s]alms 139.


Oh, yea, and hitting the [s]ack early.

[S]o long now.

[S]ee ya.


Liz said...

(s)ounds like you (s)o had a (s)ensational night with your little guy...and I love all your (s)nippets about (s)now and (s)wimming, and (s)kiing...have a (s)uper night!

Lisa H said...

(S)ure (s)ounds like a (s)pectacular (s)wim lesson!

I love (s)wimming, (s)unshine, (s)hopping for bargains, (s)and between my toes, (s)tars up above and (s)nuggling with my (s)weet babies or my (s)uper-hot husband! :)

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

[s]ounds [s]plendid!

Great post!!!! I wish I could ski...could never pick it up!

t h a i t r a i t said...

I love P[s]alm 139, too!

I love my [s]weet [s]ister who is a [s]eventh-grader this year.

I love [s]weating at TKD and yoga.

Oh, and [s]weet potatoes.

And [s]econdhand [s]tores with great [s]teals.

And the [s]age green [s]ash I wore around my waist on my wedding day.

And the hott 30-[s]omething year-old man [s]tanding here in my living room.

Sarah said...

I love:
sand between my toes
the group Selah
things that sparkle
shoppes with cute things in them

I love cross country skiing.

Anonymous said...

shivering at the thought of swimming lessons in November. Brr.

Love the snow bunny picture. :)