Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Accident Scene

First off, Holy Shmoly! You're quite the baby naming bunch here. What a fun, and definitely smashing group of name options for our 4under3's* hypothetical brother or sister.

And, after debating between a few of my favorite boy names--tossing a couple back and forth--I believe I've come to a decision. This is without Mr. Marvelous' opinion, of course, since..well, we're not really having a baby, so I thought I'd be the sole decision maker this time 'round. Woohoo!

*4[children in] under 3 [years]

But, surprisingly so, I've had a much harder time deciding on my favorite girl name. I say surprisingly because the girl names came much easier for Mr. Marvelous and I while naming the Real Life characters of this cast. In fact, the reason we decided to find out what our identical twins were--before they were born--is because we were having an extremely hard time deciding and agreeing on 2 boy names. I hoped for Jack and Oli(ver), hubs liked Jack but not Oli. Hmm. Good thing they were girls. And, oh, I'm so glad they were girls! They sure are as sweet as sugar. This 16 month stage is so fun with them.

So, I've decided that instead of rushing the naming of our hypothetical daughter, I'll show you a couple of these:

(popped tire. hole top left)

(dent where the black mark is. it extends across most of the passenger side)

(running board damage)
(culprit. and store investigator)

...then, I'll keep tossing around the 4 favorite girl names in my head, I'll decide on one today, and I'll announce the winnerS tonight!

And, really, thanks for your encouragment and similar reckless car stories. They really did lift my spirits. Being carless this morning wasn't as bad as I imagined. We ended up making crepes, rearranging Luke's room, folding some clothes, and walking down our street to watch the roofing company maneuver their crane.

I'm sure you can guess who couldn't stop saying, "Woooo!" to that.
(And, darn it, if anyone knows WHY I sometimes can post clickable photos, and why sometimes I can't...please do tell. I wish you could "click in" on these photos.)


rachael said...

oh my gosh, what a pain! i am so sorry about the accident although i am glad everyone is ok!

can't wait to hear your name choices :)

Queen to my 3 Boys said...


Lori said...

holy cow! i can see where that would be easy to hit! was it just sitting in the parking lot?
sorry for the damage, but at least it was not worse.

BTW, i FELL the other day in the parking lot! nice huh?

Kristin said...

Goodness...so glad you guys made out okay amd no one was injured! I guess even my favorite boutique, "Chez Target," has its flaws.

And boy, do I second your comment about the clickable vs. non-clickable photos. What IS that about?!? If you find out, will you tell me? I have often (frustratingly) wondered that as well.

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I'm just wondering if Mr. M. is going to start feeling the same way about the car as he does your phone?

Anonymous said...

Stinks that you have that damage to your car. I'm driving around with a huge dent in my back hatch to my Odyssey and I don' see actually fixing it too soon. Cars are expensive to fix. ;)

4 Little Men and Twins said...

so who's responsible? You or Target? :)


Donnie said...

I don't know if your hubby hates car damage as much as I do, but it drives me nuts! This is a ton of damage for a parking lot, though.