Saturday, October 25, 2008

He got the memo.

There was no need to beg Luke to enjoy the frigid fall night at our home town's playoff football game. No need to teach him how to tackle his second cousins--in our staked out space just past the endzone--like the boys out on the field do. And there was definitely no need to tell him to pose a serious football playerish look here in this shot with his Uncle "D:"

He got all those memos, the day God wired his little body together.

He also got the memo--that day he was wired--to always jump off the 5th step up, that trucks were "WOOOO!" worthy, that fixin' things with daddy was the best way to pass time, and that a stomach is never full.


Stacey said...

Love that picture with Luke and Derek!! OH cute. Cute post too!

l e a h said...

Wow, TIff, he is one little guy! I just love these photos of him!

Auntie Coley said...

That Uncle D is one good looking Uncle :)

Missed you all at the game. I'm hoping to come down to Roch sometime soon!

Auntie Coley

Jack said...

Well, you know, football is some serious stuff. But he must already know that too.

resa said...

i forgot how much your bro looks like you! too funny!

hey i tagged you- hope you enjoy it :)


Lisa H said...

Love it! Aren't little boys just great? Mine are just the same....especially on fixing things with daddy and the stomach never being full! :)

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...Luke looks so matcho in the first picture!!! What a boy!

Anonymous said...

Cuuute! I love his stoic expression. He's all boy. :)