Friday, October 10, 2008

he's so brave

We had a surprise visit from my mom, grandpa, and aunt this morning. And while everyone was enjoying the beautiful fall day out on our deck, I was setting up the children's lunch on our deck table. Here's one conversation that took place between Julia and her grandma.

Hey Grandma! I really like bats. (She'll never forget this day, I'm sure.)

You do?

Yes. I'm not afraid of them at all.

Well that's good.

Yea. And my daddy, he's so brave at bats. (Notice she didn't include her mommy.)

(misunderstanding Julia's comment) Oh, he shouldn't be afraid of bats.

No, Grandma. He's SO.BRAVE at them. And he's so brave at everything, like lions and bears too.

...That's their some kind of wonderful that I was talking about. I won't mention to this awestruck daughter that her daddy has admitted to having a fear of heights. An obviously fading fear of heights, since he did climb Mount Kenya, has flown in more airplanes then I can keep track of, and has no problem walking around atop our house while bug zapping wasps nests.

Second thought, maybe he does it because he's so brave.


Lisa H said...

I love that kind of adoration that Julia has for her daddy--it is just so sweet!

Oh, and I'm glad he's so brave. :)

tina m. said...

Love it! Not the picture of the bat, but how Julia sees her daddy.