Thursday, October 2, 2008

One of these girls is not like the other. For now.

If you had to guess, which of these two would you say might be the more laid back of our darling duo? Norah on the left? Or Hazel on the right? Because there is one that is far more laid back than her sister.

Furthermore, which of these two do you think:

-has decided she doesn't mind her carseat after all (praise Jesus. one down, one to go), and often time finds it quite comfortable to snooze in as we're headed home for her afternoon nap?

-is fairly content with just watching all the action while sitting in her highchair after her tummy is full?

-is okay with the idea of exploring by herself, leaving the room Without.Her.Mommy, and playing unaccompanied?

-comes over and sits down in front of me holding her little foot in the air when I tell her, "Come, little little, let me put your shoes on."

-usually says no more than a, "Nooo nooo," when someone--say her big brother--takes a toy from her hand?

-sometimes goes beyond "the line" in the driveway, but turns her little stroller around when told, "That's too far."


Which of these two do you think is the EXACT OPPOSITE?



Anonymous said...

I think Norah is the more laid back lil tot--Hazel is the spunky one?

Kelly said...


Kelly said...

Hazel is the more needy, daring child. She looks like it. ( :

Lisa H said...

Okay, just from the picture? I'm going to have to say that Hazel looks more like the laid back, go with the flow, be content with anything kind of gal. And Norah is maybe the exact opposite?

I'm using my children as examples here, because my son who has the easier smile is more like your description of the laid back twin. And my son who would more often look concerned is definitely the more complicated of my boys. Of course they aren't twins!

I'm curious to see the answer later! :)

Lori said...

my guess for the dare devil is hazel, but of course, that would be judging a book, (the picture), by its cover!
they are so adorable!

l e a h said...

I am torn.

A) Guess it as it appears, with baby in pink, seemingly unshaken with the camera's presence; with baby in blue wideawakealertenthusiastic, and presumably more attention-seeking.

B) Or guess it as it does not appear, which would be the exact opposite.

I say Norah is cool as cucumber, whereas Hazel is ready for the pah-tay, and if there is no pah-tay, will start one herself.

gina said...

lol. I must concur with the majority on this one.

Angela said...

Well- I don't know- but what I do know is that they have got to be the absolute CUTEST little set of twins I have ever seen.