Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Julia!

To the apple of our eye and our little Ms. Pumpkin Pie, Happy 4th Birthday Juj!

I wonder if any of these things will change for you in this next year...
Your love for:
  • your dolls
  • downhill skiing with your daddy
  • your new vtech camera
  • rocking before your nap
  • runny "eggies" and toast
  • church camp songs in the car
  • climbing across the monkey bars
  • hanging upside down from the monkey bars
  • playing with the little girls in their crib when they wake
  • boots
  • bats
  • swimming and
  • eating out at restaurants

Your disgust in:

  • Asian Beetle Bugs
  • mashed potatoes
  • having your hair brushed
  • supper
  • being held down during Tickle Time and
  • Aspartame

You've blessed us tremendously and we love you very much! -Mom & Dad


Alicia O. & the gang said...'re no longer 4 under 3...what will you do? Keep the name in rememberance of that time that once was? Change your name? Or just your header?

WOW...time flies huh?

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Julia.

Amy said...

Happy Bday Julia!
Eat lots of cake & never change how cute you are!!

gina said...

What a doll!

You could change your name to {We're 4 for 4} or something just as snazzy. ;) Hopefully, this is the start of a fun and exciting year for you and Julia.

Happy Birthday Julia!!!! Four is fun!

rachael said...

happy birthday julia!

Life in the Bizzy Lane said...

happy birthday!
~~ i just stumbled across your blog , it's great! i'm sure i'll be back!

Lisa H said...

Happy, happy Birthday Julia! What a sweet post!

Following Him said...

Hsppy Birthday Julia!!!

Ehlan said...

What a beautiful girl! She's so big!