Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sometimes we whistle while we...bathe in the kitchen

Sometimes we do this:

after a really messy supper.

It works really great. The little girls get clean at the same time as the kitchen. And for some odd reason, they find no purpose in climbing out. They just sit, splash, and throw their measuring spoons over the edge, all the while I'm wiping up milk puddles from dropped sippy cups, sweeping crumbs, and loading the dishwasher.

And then sometimes we skip pajamas on bath nights like these. Ok, we always skip pajamas on bath night, and slip them right into their next day outfits.

......And then there are sometimes when I wonder if the sweet old man who loads my groceries--at my favorite store in town--would think I was part of the loony bin if I gave him a big squeeze.


rachael said...

i LOVE that picture!

Lori said...

love the idea of bathing and dressing for thenext day! makes sense! don't tell, but um, mason wore the same shirt last Friday, Sat, and um, yes Sunday...and he slept in it! I about had to sedate him sunday night to get it off!

Annika said...

That is adorable, what a great idea! Oh, and I think the old man at the grocery store, would be honored with a hug. He'd probably even like pictures from your kids :)

Anna said...

your family is beautiful! makes me tired thinking of that many under 3! thanks for your comment on my blog. isnt it fun to connect w/ people across the nation all from reading the same blog! have a great date night! :)

Following Him said...

They look like they are concentrating hard! Glad your hubby is taking you out tonight! Hope what ever it is is awesome!!!

Lisa H said...

What a great idea to put your kids right into the next day's clothes--I've honestly never thought of that, but there are certainly days where I could use that tip!

I haven't given my youngest a bath in the sink, but I think if I did she would most certainly crawl out! I left her in the bathtub with her brother the other day and walked down the hall a minute and when I turned around, Bridget was right behind me! :)

Hope you are enjoying your surprise date night! How fun!

l e a h said...

My mom used to wash our hair in the sink. I loved it because she used cool water. Fantastic memories.

4 Little Men and Twins said...

that is SOOOO cute! it makes me so excited to watch our girls grow. :)


Melissa P said...

i love your posts, miss you so much! Will try to call you back