Friday, October 3, 2008

Hazel. And a Catch 22.

You all got me thinking.

While some of you guessed correctly--that Hazel is the more laid back little one--others guessed incorrectly but still nailed it on the head when deciphering between the girls' distinct personality traits.

So thanks to, I'm able to explain this catch 22.

Evidently, laid back is defined as:
  1. relaxed or unhurried and

  2. free from stress; easygoing; carefree

As of right now--I say that because the girls have been known to do a little switcheroo in temperments since they were born--this fits Hazel, the little carefree sister of the bunch, to a T. While Hazel is much more energetic, she is still the more laid back babe.

She is relaxed and unhurried when she needs to be (ie. carseat, highchair, stroller), she is carefree with a side of spunk when playing:

and she is easygoing when she's met with a confrontational situation. She must take after her daddy.

Bravo, Hazel guessers! Well done.


Salsygirl said...

You will find that this switcher-oo, will happen alot. As well as the bossy parts of life. One will lead the other foloow and so on. It's just a twin thing. I guess thet have to take turn developing all that bossy-ness and aspects of their personalities.

Lisa H said...

That is a GREAT picture--how cute is she? :)

Carol said...

Amazes me how different twins can be. They are so cute.